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9 letter words containing v

This list of 9 letter words containing v has 1446 entries. It may be helpful for people looking for words that contain V, and 9 letter words with v.

aardvarks, aasvogels, ablatives, abrasives, absolvers, absolving, abusively, achievers, achieving, activated, activates, activisms, activists, addictive, additives, adhesives, adjective, adjuvants, advancers, advancing, advantage, adventure, adversary, adversity, adverting, advertise, advisable, advocated, advocates, advowsons, affidavit.

aggravate, aggrieved, aggrieves, aldovandi, alleviate, alluvials, alluvions, alluviums, alveolars, amadavats, ambiverts, anchovies, anteverts, antiviral, anvilling, anviltops, approvals, approvers, approving, archiving, assertive, attentive, auditives, available, avalanche, aventails, averaging, averments, aversions.

avianized, avianizes, aviarists, aviations, avidities, avifaunae, avifaunas, avigators, avocadoes, avocation, avoidable, avoidance, avouchers, avouching, avulsions, beavering, bedcovers, bedeviled, bedrivels, behaviors, behooving, believers, believing, bereavers, bereaving, beshivers, bevatrons, bevellers, bevelling, beverages, bevomited, biconcave, bivalents, bivouacks.

bolivares, bolshevik, boshvarks, bravadoes, braveries, breveting, brevetted, brevities, burgraves, calvarias, calvaries, canvasers, canvasing, canvassed, canvasser, canvasses, captivate, captivity, caravaned, carnivals, carnivore, causative, cavalcade, cavaleros, cavaliers, cavallies, cavalries, cavatinas, caveators, caverning, cavernous, cavillers, cavilling, cavitated, cavitates, cavorters.

cavorting, cervelats, chevalets, cheverons, chivalric, chivareed, chivarees, chivaried, chivvying, civicisms, civilians, civilised, civilises, civilized, civilizes, clavering, clavicles, cleveites, cleverest, coderived, coderives, codevelop, cognitive, cognovits.

combative, commoving, concaving, concavity, conceived, conceives, conclaves, confervae, confervas, connivers, conniving, conserved, conserves, contrived, contriver, contrives, convected, conveners, convening, convented, converged, converges, conversed, converses.

converted, converter, convertor, convexity, conveyers, conveying, conveyors, convicted, convinced, convinces, convivial, convokers, convoking, convolved, convolves, convoying, convulsed, convulses, cordovans, corrivals, corrosive, corvettes, covenants, coverages, coveralls, coverings, coverlets, coverlids, cravening, crevalles, crevassed, crevasses, crossover, cultivars.

cultivate, culverins, curatives, curveting, curvetted, czarevnas, daredevil, davenport, deceivers, deceiving, decemviri, decemvirs, decurving, deductive, defective, defensive, delivered, deliverer, demivolts, depravers, depraving, depravity, deprivals, deprivers, depriving, derivates, dervishes, deservers, deserving, desilvers, detective, devaluing, devastate, deveining, developed, developer.

developes, devesting, deviances, deviating, deviation, deviators, devilkins, devilling, devilries, devoicing, devolving, devotions, devourers, devouring, digestive, diluvions, diluviums, directive, disavowal, disavowed, discovers, discovery.

disfavors, dishevels, disproved, disproves, dissaving, disserved, disserves, dissevers, dissolved, dissolves, disvalued, disvalues, divagated, divagates, divergent, diverging, diversify, diversion, diversity, diverters, diverting, divesting, dividends, divinised, divinises.

divinized, divinizes, divisible, divisions, divorcees, divorcers, divorcing, divulgers, divulging, donatives, dovecotes, dovetails, drivelers, driveling, drivelled, driveways, duratives, duvetines, duvetynes, eavesdrop, effective, ejectives, electives, elevating, elevation.

elevators, elevenths, elusively, eluviated, eluviates, endeavors, endleaves, enervated, enervates, enfevered, engravers, engraving, enlivened, enslavers, enslaving, enveloped, envelopes, envenomed, environed, envisaged, envisages, envisions, equivocal, equivokes, eruptives, estivated, estivates.

evacuants, evacuated, evacuates, evaluable, evaluated, evaluates, evaluator, evanesced, evanesces, evanished, evanishes, evaporate, evections, evenfalls, evensongs, eventides, evergreen, eversions, everybody, evictions, evidenced, evidences, evidently, evildoers, evocation, evocative, evocators, evolution, evulsions, excavated.

excavates, excavator, excessive, exclusive, executive, expansive, expensive, expletive, explosive, extensive, extravert, extrovert, exuviated, exuviates, favorable, favorably, favorites, favourers, favouring, fervently, festivals, festively, festivity, feverfews, fishwives, fixatives, flavonols, flavorers, flavorful, flavoring, flavoured.

flopovers, flyleaves, forgivers, forgiving, formative, foveolets, foxgloves, frivolers, frivoling, frivolity, frivolled, frivolous, fugitives, furtively, galavants, galivants, gallivant, galvanize, gavelling, gavelocks, gavotting, genitives, giveaways, goodwives, governess, governing, governors, grapevine, gravamens, gravamina, graveling, gravelled.

graveness, graveyard, gravitate, gravities, gravitons, grievance, grievants, grooviest, grovelers, groveling, grovelled, halflives, handwoven, hangovers, harvested, harvester, havdalahs, havelocks, havockers, havocking, heaviness, holdovers, hovelling, illatives, illuviums, immovable, immovably, impassive, implosive, improvers.

improving, impulsive, incentive, inclusive, incurving, inductive, infective, innerving, innovated, innovates, innovator, insolvent, intensive, intervals, intervene, interview, introvert, intrusive, intuitive, invalided, invalidly, invasions, invective, inveighed, inveigled, inveigles, inventers, inventing, invention, inventive, inventors, inventory, inversely, inversion, inverters, inverting, invertors, investing, investors, invidious.

inviolate, invisible, invisibly, invocated, invocates, invoicing, involuted, involutes, involvers, involving, inweaving, iterative, jarovized, jarovizes, javelinas, javelined, juveniles, kalewives, kilovolts, knaveries, kvetching, ladyloves, lavalavas, lavaliers, lavations, laveering, lavenders, laverocks, lavishers, lavishest, lavishing, lawgivers, laxatives, leavening, leftovers.

lenitives, levanters, levanting, levatores, levellers, levelling, levelness, leveraged, leverages, leviathan, levigated, levigates, levirates, levitated, levitates, levuloses, lifesaver, liveliest, liveryman, liverymen, livestock, livetraps, lixiviums, locatives, longevity, lovebirds, loveliest, lovelocks, lovevines, lucrative.

malvasias, maneuvers, mangroves, maravedis, margraves, marveling, marvelled, marvelous, mavericks, mediaeval, medievals, megavolts, microwave, midwiving, mininovel, misbehave, misdriven, misdrives, misevents, misgiving, misliving, mismoving, misvalued, misvalues, motivated, motivates, moveables, movements, moviedoms, naiveness.

naiveties, narrative, nativisms, nativists, navicerts, navigable, navigably, navigated, navigates, navigator, negatived, negatives, nerveless, nervously, nevermore, nonevents, nonliving, nonnative, nonrivals, nonverbal, nonvoters, novations, novelised, novelises, novelists, novelized, novelizes, novelties, nutritive, objective, oblivions, oblivious, observant, observers.

observing, obsessive, obtrusive, obverting, obviating, obviation, obviators, obviously, offensive, omnivores, operative, optatives, ourselves, outbraved, outbraves, outcavils, outcurves, outdriven, outdrives, outgiving, outlivers, outliving, outloving, outmoving, outraving, outrivals, outsavors, outserved, outserves, outvalued, outvalues, outvaunts, outvoiced, outvoices, outvoting, ovalities, ovarioles.

ovenbirds, ovenwares, overacted, overawing, overbaked, overbakes, overbears, overbites, overblown, overblows, overboard, overbooks, overborne, overbroad, overbuild, overcalls, overcasts, overclean, overcoats, overcomes, overcooks, overcools, overcrams, overcrops, overcrowd, overdared, overdares, overdecks, overdoers, overdoing, overdosed, overdoses, overdraft, overdrawn, overdraws, overdress, overdrink, overeager.

overeaten, overeater, overexert, overfears, overfeeds, overfills, overflies, overflown, overflows, overgilds, overgirds, overgoads, overgraze, overgrown, overgrows, overhands, overhangs, overhasty, overhated, overhates, overhauls, overheads, overheaps, overheard.

overhears, overheats, overholds, overhoped, overhopes, overhunts, overjoyed, overkills, overladed, overladen, overlades, overlands, overlarge, overleaps, overleapt, overlived, overlives, overloads, overlooks, overlords, overloved, overloves, overlying, overmelts, overmixed, overmixes, overnight, overplays, overplied, overplies, overpower, overprase, overprice, overprint, overrated, overrates, overreach, overreact, overrides.

overruffs, overruled, overrules, oversales, oversalts, oversaved, oversaves, overseeds, overseers, oversells, oversewed, overshoes, overshoot, overshots, oversides, oversight, oversizes, oversleep, overslept, overslips, overslipt.

oversoaks, oversouls, overspend, overspins, overstaff, overstate, overstays, oversteps, overstirs, overstock, overtaken, overtakes, overtasks, overtaxed, overtaxes, overthrew, overthrow, overtimed, overtimes, overtired, overtires, overtoils, overtones, overtrain, overtreat, overtrims, overtured, overtures, overturns, overurged, overurges, overusing, overvalue, overviews.

overvoted, overvotes, overwarms, overwears, overweens, overwhelm, overwinds, overwords, overworks, overwound, overwrite, overzeals, oviposits, ovulating, ovulation, palavered, paravanes, parvolins, passively, passivity, passovers, pavements, pavilions, peevishly, penknives, pensively, perceived, perceives, persevere, pervaders.

pervading, pervasive, perverted, piassavas, plaintive, pondville, positiver, positives, postcavae, poverties, preserved, preserver, preserves, prevailed, prevalent, prevented, previewed, prevising, previsors, primitive, privacies, privateer, privatest, privation, privilege, privities, provender, proverbed, provident, providers, providing.

provinces, provision, provisoes, provokers, provoking, pullovers, pulverize, purgative, purveying, purveyors, pushovers, pyruvates, quaverers, quavering, quiverers, quivering, ravelings, ravellers, ravelling, ravenings, ravigotes, ravishers, ravishing, reachieve, reapprove, reavowing, receivers, receiving, receptive, reconvene, reconveys, reconvict, recovered, recurving, redevelop, redivided, redivides, redriving, reduviids, reevoking.

reflexive, regrooved, regrooves, reinvents, reinvests, reinvited, reinvites, reinvoked, reinvokes, relatives, relevance, relievers, relieving, removable, renovated, renovates, renovator, replevied, replevies, replevins, reprieved, reprieves, reprovals, reprovers, reproving, repulsive, reservers, reserving, resilvers, resolvers, resolving, restively, restriven, restrives, resurveys.

retentive, retrieval, retrieved, retriever, retrieves, revaluing, revampers, revamping, revanches, revealers, revealing, reveilles, revellers, revelling, revelries, revenants, revengers, revenging, revenuers, reverence, reverends, reversals, reversely, reversers, reversing, reversion, reverters, reverting, revesting, revetting, reviewals, reviewers, reviewing.

revisable, revisions, revisited, revoicing, revolters, revolting, revolvers, revolving, revulsion, reweaving, ringdoves, rivalling, rivalries, riverbank, riverbeds, riverboat, riverside, rivetting, rollovers, salivated, salivates, salvagees, salvagers, salvaging, salvation, savagisms, savannahs, savoriest, savourers.

savourier, savouries, savouring, scavenged, scavenger, scavenges, scrieving, scurviest, secretive, sedatives, seductive, selective, selvedges, sensitive, servicers, servicing, servility, servitors, servitude, seventeen, seventies, severance, shelviest, shelvings, shivareed, shivarees, shiverers, shivering, shovelers, shoveling, shovelled, shrieving, shriveled, silverers, silvering, sirventes, skydivers.

skydiving, slaverers, slaveries, slavering, slipovers, sliverers, slivering, slivovics, snivelers, sniveling, snivelled, solvating, sonovoxes, souvenirs, sovereign, sovkhozes, steevings, stevedore, stopovers, stravaigs, suavities, subdivide.

sublevels, subserved, subserves, subvening, subverted, subvicars, supervene, supervise, surveiled, surveying, surveyors, survivals, survivers, surviving, survivors, svedbergs, swiveling, swivelled, takeovers, talkative, tantivies, taverners, televiews, televised, televises, tentative, tipstaves, tirrivees, titivated, titivates.

travailed, travelers, traveling, travelled, traveller, travelogs, traversed, traverses, travoises, triumviri, triumvirs, trivalves, trouveres, trouveurs, trueloves, tsarevnas, turnovers, twelvemos, tzarevnas, uncovered, undivided, unevenest, ungloving, uninvited, univalves, universal, universes, univocals, unleveled, unlovable, unnerving, unraveled, unreeving, unrivaled, unvarying, unveiling.

unvoicing, unweaving, upcurving, upheavals, upheavers, upheaving, uveitises, vacancies, vacations, vaccinate, vaccinias, vacillate, vacuities, vacuously, vacuuming, vagabonds, vagueness, valancing, valencias, valencies, valentine, valerates, valerians, valiances, valiantly, validated.

validates, validness, valkyries, valorised, valorises, valorized, valorizes, valuables, valuating, valuation, valuators, valueless, valveless, valvelets, vambraces, vamoosing, vanadates, vanadiums, vandalism, vandalize, vanguards, vanillins.

vanishers, vanishing, vapidness, vaporings, vaporised, vaporises, vaporized, vaporizes, vapourers, vapouring, variables, variances, variating, variation, variegate, varieties, variorums, variously, varistors, varnished, varnishes, varsities.

vasculums, vassalage, vastities, vaticides, vaultiest, vaultings, vavasours, vavassors, vectoring, veganisms, vegetable, vegetated, vegetates, vegetists, vehemence, vehicular, veinulets, velarized, velarizes, velverets, venations, vendettas, vendibles, veneerers, veneering, venenated, venenates, venerable, venerated, venerates, venetians, vengeance, ventilate.

ventricle, venturers, venturing, veracious, verandahs, veratrias, veratrins, veratrums, verbalize, verbiages, verbified, verbifies, verbosity, verderers, verderors, verditers, vergences, verglases, verifiers, verifying, veritable, veritably, veritates, verjuices, vermouths.

vernacles, vernicles, veronicas, versatile, versicles, versified, versifies, vertebrae, vertebral, vertebras, verticals, verticils, vertigoes, vesicants, vesicated, vesicates, vesiculae, vesicular, vesperals, vestibule, vestigial, vestments, vesturing, vesuvians, vexations, vexatious, viability, viaticums, vibrances, vibrating, vibration, vibrators, vibratory, vibrissae.

viburnums, vicarages, vicarates, vicariate, vicarious, vicinages, viciously, victimize, victorias, victories, victualed, videotape, viduities, viewpoint, vigilance, vigilante, vignetted, vignettes, vilifiers, vilifying, vilipends, villadoms, villagers, vinculums, vindesine, vindicate, vineyards, viniferas, vintagers, violaters, violating, violation, violators, violences, violently, violinist, viomycins, virginals.

viricides, viridians, virilisms, virtually, virtuosas, virtuosos, virucides, virulence, virulency, viscachas, viscidity, viscounts, visionary, visioning, visitable, visitants, visualize, vitalised, vitalises, vitalisms, vitalists, vitalized, vitalizes, vitamines, vitellins, vitiating, vitiation, vitiators, vitiligos, vitrified, vitrifies.

vitrioled, vitriolic, vivacious, vivariums, viverrids, vividness, vivifiers, vivifying, vivisects, vizcachas, vizirates, vocalised, vocalises, vocalisms, vocalists, vocalized, vocalizes, vocations, vocatives, voidances, volatiles, volcanics, volcanoes.

volitions, volleyers, volleying, volplaned, volplanes, voltaisms, voluntary, volunteer, volutions, vomitives, vomituses, voodooing, voodooism, voracious, votarists, votresses, vouchered, vouchsafe, voussoirs, vowelized, vowelizes, voyageurs, vulcanize, vulgarest, vulgarism, vulgarity, vulgarize, walkovers, wavebands, waveforms, werwolves, whichever, whosoever, wingovers.

wolverine, yeshivahs, yeshivoth,

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