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Words containing ate

This list of words containing ate has 3217 entries. It may be helpful for people looking for words that contain ate, and words with ate.

abate, abated, abatement, abatements, abater, abaters, abates, abbreviate, abbreviated, abbreviates, abdicate, abdicated, abdicates, ablate, ablated, ablates, ablegate, ablegates, abnegate, abnegated, abnegates, abominate, abominated, abominates, abrogate, abrogated, abrogates, acaudate, accelerate, accelerated, accelerates.

accentuate, accentuated, accentuates, acclimate, acclimated, acclimates, accommodate, accommodated, accommodates, accumulate, accumulated, accumulates, accurate, accurately, accurateness, accuratenesses, acerate, acerated, acerbate, acerbated, acerbates, acervate, acetate, acetated, acetates, acierate, acierated.

acierates, acrylate, acrylates, activate, activated, activates, actuate, actuated, actuates, acuate, aculeate, acylate, acylated, acylates, adequate, adequately, adjudicate, adjudicated, adjudicates, adnate, adulate, adulated, adulates, adulterate, adulterated, adulterates, aduncate, advocate, advocated, advocates, aerate, aerated, aerates, affectionate, affectionately, affiliate, affiliated.

affiliates, agate, agates, aggravate, aggravates, aggregate, aggregated, aggregates, agitate, agitated, agitates, agminate, agnate, agnates, alate, alated, alginate, alginates, alienate, alienated, alienates, alkylate, alkylated, alkylates, alleviate, alleviated, alleviates, allocate, allocated, allocates, alternate, alternated, alternates, amalgamate.

amalgamated, amalgamates, amateur, amateurish, amateurism, amateurisms, amateurs, ambulate, ambulated, ambulates, ameerate, ameerates, ameliorate, ameliorated, ameliorates, amirate, amirates, amphitheater, amphitheaters, amputate, amputated, amputates, angulate, angulated, angulates, animate, animated, animater, animaters, animates, annates, annihilate, annihilated, annihilates, annotate, annotated, annotates, annulate.

ansate, ansated, anteater, anteaters, antedate, antedated, antedates, anticipate, anticipated, anticipates, antimaterialism, antimaterialist, antimaterialistic, antiquated, apatetic, apholate, apholates, apostate, apostates, appreciate, appreciated, appreciates, appropriate, appropriated, appropriately, appropriateness, appropriates, approximate, approximated, approximately, approximates, arbitrate, arbitrated, arbitrates, arcuate, arcuated, areolate, arillate.

aristate, arrogate, arrogated, arrogates, arsenate, arsenates, articulate, articulated, articulately, articulateness, articulatenesses, articulates, asperate, asperated, asperates, asphyxiate, asphyxiated, asphyxiates, aspirate, aspirated, aspirates, assassinate, assassinated, assassinates, assimilate, assimilated, assimilates, associate, associated.

associates, ate, atechnic, atelic, atelier, ateliers, ates, attenuate, attenuated, attenuates, aurate, aurated, aureate, authenticate, authenticated, authenticates, automate, automateable, automated, automates, aviate, aviated, aviates, baccalaureate, baccalaureates, baccate, baccated.

bagatelle, bagatelles, baldpate, baldpates, barbate, barbiturate, barbiturates, barrater, barraters, bate, bateau, bateaux, bated, bates, beaten, beater, beaters, bedmate, bedmates, bedplate, bedplates, belated, benzoate, benzoates, berate, berated, berates, bicarbonate.

bicarbonates, biforate, bijugate, bilateral, bilaterally, bilobate, binate, binately, birthdate, birthdates, birthrate, birthrates, bistate, blate, bleated, bleater, bleaters, bloated, bloater, bloaters, boated, boatel, boatels, boater, boaters, borate, borated, borates, bregmate, brocatel, brocatels, bromate, bromated, bromates, browbeaten, bullate, bunkmate, bunkmates.

bursate, butylate, butylated, butylates, butyrate, butyrates, calceate, calculate, calculated, calculates, calibrate, calibrated, calibrates, califate, califates, caliphate, caliphates, calumniate, calumniated, calumniates, calycate, candidate, candidates, canulate, canulated, canulates, capitate, capitulate.

capitulated, capitulates, capsulate, capsulated, captivate, captivated, captivates, carate, carates, carbohydrate, carbohydrates, carbonate, carbonated, carbonates, carinate, caseate, caseated, caseates, casemate, casemates, castigate, castigated, castigates, castrate.

castrated, castrates, cate, catechin, catechins, catechism, catechisms, catechist, catechists, catechize, catechized, catechizes, catechizing, catechol, catechols, catechu, catechus, categorical, categorically, categories, categorization, categorizations, categorize, categorized, categorizes, categorizing, category, catena, catenae, catenaries, catenary, catenas, catenate, catenated, catenates, catenating, catenoid.

catenoids, cater, cateran, caterans, catercorner, catered, caterer, caterers, cateress, cateresses, catering, caterpillar, caterpillars, caters, caterwaul, caterwauled, caterwauling, caterwauls, cates, caudate, caudated, cavitate, cavitated, cavitates, celebrate, celebrated, celebrates, celibate, celibates, cerate, cerated, cerates, cerebrate.

cerebrated, cerebrates, certificate, certificates, chateau, chateaus, chateaux, cheapskate, cheapskates, cheated, cheater, cheaters, checkmate, checkmated, checkmates, chelate, chelated, chelates, chlorate, chlorates, chlorinate, chlorinated, chlorinates, chocolate, chocolates, cholate, cholates, chordate, chordates, chromate, chromates, ciliate, ciliated, ciliates.

circulate, circulated, circulates, circumnavigate, circumnavigated, circumnavigates, cirrate, citrate, citrated, citrates, classmate, classmates, clavate, cleated, climate, climates, clodpate, clodpates, clypeate, coagulate, coagulated, coagulates, coated, coatee, coatees, coater, coaters.

cocreate, cocreated, cocreates, coequate, coequated, coequates, cogitate, cogitated, cogitates, cognate, cognates, cohobate, cohobated, cohobates, coinmate, coinmates, collaborate, collaborated, collaborates, collate, collated, collateral, collaterals, collates, collegiate, colocate, colocated, colocates, comate, comates, combated.

combater, combaters, commemorate, commemorated, commemorates, commiserate, commiserated, commiserates, communicate, communicated, communicates, compassionate, compensate, compensated, compensates, complicate, complicated, complicates, comtemplate, comtemplated, comtemplates, concatenate, concatenated, concatenates, concatenating, concentrate, concentrated, concentrates, conciliate, conciliated, conciliates, conepate, conepates, confiscate, confiscated, confiscates, conflate.

conflated, conflates, conglomerate, conglomerated, conglomerates, congratulate, congratulated, congratulates, congregate, congregated, congregates, conjugate, conjugated, conjugates, connate, consecrate, consecrated, consecrates, considerate, considerately, considerateness, consideratenesses.

consolidate, consolidated, consolidates, constipate, constipated, constipates, consulate, consulates, consummate, consummated, consummates, contaminate, contaminated, contaminates, contemplate, contemplated, contemplates, contraindicate, contraindicated, contraindicates, cooperate, cooperated, cooperates, coordinate, coordinated, coordinates, copemate, copemates, copulate, copulated, copulates, cordate, corelate.

corelated, corelates, corotate, corotated, corotates, corporate, correlate, correlated, correlates, corroborate, corroborated, corroborates, corrugate, corrugated, corrugates, costate, counterstrategies, counterstrategy, craniate, craniates, crate, crated, crater, cratered, cratering, craters, crates, create, created, creates.

cremate, cremated, cremates, crenate, crenated, crispate, cristate, cruciate, culminate, culminated, culminates, cultivate, cultivated, cultivates, cultrate, cumulate, cumulated, cumulates, cuneate, cuneated, cupulate.

curate, curates, curtate, cuspate, cuspated, cutwater, cutwaters, cyanate, cyanates, date, dateable, dated, datedly, dateless, dateline, datelined, datelines, datelining, dater, daters, dates, deaerate, deaerated, deaerates.

dealate, dealated, dealates, debate, debated, debater, debaters, debates, debilitate, debilitated, debilitates, decapitate, decapitated, decapitates, decelerate, decelerated, decelerates, decimate, decimated, decimates, decorate, decorated, decorates, dedicate, dedicated, dedicates, defeated, defeater, defeaters, defecate, defecated, defecates, deflate, deflated, deflates, defoliate, defoliated, defoliates, degenerate.

degenerated, degenerates, dehydrate, dehydrated, dehydrates, delate, delated, delates, delegate, delegated, delegates, deliberate, deliberated, deliberately, deliberateness, deliberatenesses, deliberates, delicate, delicates, delicatessen, delicatessens, delineate, delineated, delineates, demonstrate, demonstrated, demonstrates, dentate, dentated, denudate.

denudated, denudates, depilate, depilated, depilates, deprecate, deprecated, deprecates, depreciate, depreciated, depreciates, depurate, depurated, depurates, derivate, derivates, derogate, derogated, derogates, desecrate, desecrated, desecrates, desegregate, desegregated, desegregates, desiccate, desiccated, desiccates, designate, designated, designates, desolate, desolated, desolates, desperate.

desperately, deteriorate, deteriorated, deteriorates, detonate, detonated, detonates, devastate, devastated, devastates, deviate, deviated, deviates, dewater, dewatered, dewatering, dewaters, dictate, dictated, dictates, differentiate, differentiated, differentiates, digitate, dilapidated, dilatate, dilate, dilated, dilater, dilaters, dilates, disconsolate, discriminate, discriminated, discriminates.

dishwater, dishwaters, disintegrate, disintegrated, disintegrates, dislocate, dislocated, dislocates, disparate, dispassionate, disproportionate, disrate, disrated, disrates, disseated, disseminate, disseminated, disseminates, dissipate, dissipated, dissipates, dissociate, dissociated, dissociates, distillate, distillates, divagate, divagated, divagates, doated, domesticate, domesticated, domesticates.

dominate, dominated, dominates, donate, donated, donates, duplicate, duplicated, duplicates, eaten, eater, eateries, eaters, eatery, ecaudate, echinate, edentate, edentates, educate, educated, educates, effeminate, eglatere, eglateres, ejaculate, ejaculated, ejaculates, elaborate, elaborated, elaborately, elaborateness, elaboratenesses, elaborates, elate.

elated, elatedly, elater, elaterid, elaterids, elaterin, elaterins, elaters, elates, electorate, electorates, electroplate, electroplated, electroplates, elevate, elevated, elevates, eliminate, eliminated, eliminates, elongate, elongated, elongates, eluate, eluates, elucidate, elucidated, elucidates, eluviate.

eluviated, eluviates, emaciate, emaciated, emaciates, emanate, emanated, emanates, emancipate, emancipated, emancipates, emasculate, emasculated, emasculates, emeerate, emeerates, emendate, emendated, emendates, emigrate, emigrated, emigrates, emirate, emirates.

emulate, emulated, emulates, enate, enates, endplate, endplates, enervate, enervated, enervates, entreated, enumerate, enumerated, enumerates, enunciate, enunciated, enunciates, ephorate, ephorates, equate, equated, equates, equilateral, equivocate, equivocated, equivocates, eradiate.

eradiated, eradiates, eradicate, eradicated, eradicates, ergate, ergates, eructate, eructated, eructates, escalate, escalated, escalates, escheated, estate, estated, estates, estimate, estimated, estimates, estivate, estivated, estivates, estreated, ethylate, ethylated, ethylates, etiolate.

etiolated, etiolates, evacuate, evacuated, evacuates, evaluate, evaluated, evaluates, evaporate, evaporated, evaporates, eviscerate, eviscerated, eviscerates, exacerbate, exacerbated, exacerbates, exaggerate, exaggerated, exaggeratedly, exaggerates, exasperate, exasperated, exasperates.

excavate, excavated, excavates, excommunicate, excommunicated, excommunicates, exculpate, exculpated, exculpates, execrate, execrated, execrates, exhilarate, exhilarated, exhilarates, exonerate, exonerated, exonerates, expatriate, expatriated, expatriates, expiate.

expiated, expiates, expurgate, expurgated, expurgates, extenuate, extenuated, extenuates, exterminate, exterminated, exterminates, extirpate, extirpated, extirpates, extraterrestrial, extravasate, extravasated, extravasates, extricate, extricated, extricates, exudate, exudates, exuviate, exuviated, exuviates, eyewater, eyewaters, fabricate, fabricated, fabricates, facilitate, facilitated, facilitates, falcate.

falcated, fasciate, fascinate, fascinated, fascinates, fate, fated, fateful, fatefully, fates, feater, featest, federate, federated, federates, felicitate, felicitated, felicitates, fermate, ferrate, ferrates, fibrillate, fibrillated, fibrillates, figeater, figeaters, figurate, filiate, filiated, filiates, filtrate, filtrated, filtrates, fissate.

fixate, fixated, fixates, flagellate, flagellated, flagellates, floated, floater, floaters, floodwater, floodwaters, fluctuate, fluctuated, fluctuates, fluoridate, fluoridated, fluoridates, folate, folates, foliate, foliated, foliates, foredate, foredated, foredates, formate, formates, formulate, formulated, formulates, fornicate, fornicated, fornicates.

fortunate, fortunately, fossate, foveate, foveated, fractionated, frater, fraternal, fraternally, fraternities, fraternity, fraternization, fraternizations, fraternize, fraternized, fraternizes, fraternizing, fraters, freshwater, frigate, frigates, frustrate, frustrated, frustrates, fumarate, fumarates.

fumigate, fumigated, fumigates, furcate, furcated, furcates, galatea, galateas, galeate, galeated, gallate, gallates, gate, gated, gatefold, gatefolds, gatekeeper, gatekeepers, gateless, gatelike, gateman, gatemen, gatepost, gateposts, gates, gateway, gateways.

gelate, gelated, gelates, geminate, geminated, geminates, gemmate, gemmated, gemmates, generate, generated, generates, germinate, germinated, germinates, gestate, gestated, gestates, glabrate, glaciate, glaciated, glaciates, gladiate, gloated, gloater, gloaters, globate, globated, goatee, goateed, goatees, gradate, gradated, gradates, graduate, graduated.

graduates, granulate, granulated, granulates, grate, grated, grateful, gratefuller, gratefullest, gratefullies, gratefully, gratefulness, gratefulnesses, grater, graters, grates, gravitate, gravitated, gravitates, greaten, greatened, greatening, greatens, greater, greatest, groundwater, groundwaters, guttate, guttated, gyrate, gyrated, gyrates, habituate.

habituated, habituates, hallucinate, hallucinated, hallucinates, hamate, hamates, hamulate, hastate, hate, hateable, hated, hateful, hatefullness, hatefullnesses, hater, haters, hates, headgate, headgates, headwater, headwaters, heated, heatedly, heater, heaters, hebetate, hebetated, hebetates, helpmate, helpmates, hematein, hemateins.

herniate, herniated, herniates, hesitate, hesitated, hesitates, hibernate, hibernated, hibernates, housemate, housemates, humate, humates, humiliate, humiliated, humiliates, hydrate, hydrated, hydrates, hyphenate, hyphenated, hyphenates, ideate, ideated, ideates.

idolater, idolaters, illegitimate, illegitimately, illiterate, illiterates, illuminate, illuminated, illuminates, illustrate, illustrated, illustrates, imamate, imamates, imitate, imitated, imitates, immaculate, immaculately, immaterial, immaterialities.

immateriality, immediate, immediately, immigrate, immigrated, immigrates, immoderate, immoderately, immolate, immolated, immolates, impersonate, impersonated, impersonates, implicate, implicated, implicates, importunate, impregnate, impregnated, impregnates, inaccurate, inactivate, inactivated, inactivates, inadequate, inadequately, inanimate, inanimately, inanimateness.

inanimatenesses, inappropriate, inappropriately, inappropriateness, inappropriatenesses, inarticulate, inarticulately, inaugurate, inaugurated, inaugurates, incapacitate, incapacitated, incapacitates, incarcerate, incarcerated, incarcerates, inchoate, incinerate, incinerated, incinerates, incommensurate, inconsiderate, inconsiderately, inconsiderateness, inconsideratenesses, incorporate, incorporated, incorporates, increate, incriminate, incriminated, incriminates.

incubate, incubated, incubates, incudate, inculcate, inculcated, inculcates, indagate, indagated, indagates, indelicate, indeterminate, indeterminately, indicate, indicated, indicates, indiscriminate, indiscriminately, indoctrinate, indoctrinated, indoctrinates, indurate, indurated.

indurates, inebriate, inebriated, inebriates, infatuate, infatuated, infatuates, infiltrate, infiltrated, infiltrates, inflate, inflated, inflater, inflaters, inflates, infuriate, infuriated, infuriates, ingate, ingates, ingrate, ingrates, ingratiate, ingratiated, ingratiates, initiate, initiated, initiates, inmate, inmates, innate, innately, innovate.

innovated, innovates, inoculate, inoculated, inoculates, inordinate, inordinately, insatiate, insinuate, insinuated, insinuates, insolate, insolated, insolates, instate, instated, instates, instigate, instigated, instigates, insubordinate, insulate, insulated, insulates, integrate, integrated, integrates, intemperate, intemperateness, intemperatenesses, intercalate, intercalated, intercalates, intercollegiate.

interfraternity, intermediate, intermediates, interpolate, interpolated, interpolates, interrelate, interrelated, interrelatedness, interrelatednesses, interrelates, interrogate, interrogated, interrogates, interstate, intestate, intimate, intimated, intimately, intimates, intimidate, intimidated, intimidates, intonate, intonated, intonates, intoxicate, intoxicated, intoxicates, intreated, intricate.

intricately, intubate, intubated, intubates, inundate, inundated, inundates, invalidate, invalidated, invalidates, invertibrate, invertibrates, investigate, investigated, investigates, inveterate, invigorate, invigorated, invigorates, inviolate, invocate, invocated, invocates, iodate, iodated, iodates, iodinate, iodinated, iodinates.

irate, irately, irater, iratest, irradiate, irradiated, irradiates, irrigate, irrigated, irrigates, irritate, irritated, irritates, isolate, isolated, isolates, iterate, iterated, iterates, jaculate, jaculated, jaculates, jubilate, jubilated, jubilates, jugate, jugulate, jugulated, jugulates, kalifate, kalifates, karate.

karates, khanate, khanates, krater, kraters, labiate, labiated, labiates, lacerate, lacerated, lacerates, lactate, lactated, lactates, lacunate, laminate, laminated, laminates, lanate, lanated, lapidate, lapidated, lapidates, lariated, late, latecomer, latecomers, lated, lateen, lateener, lateeners, lateens, lately, laten, latencies, latency.

latened, lateness, latenesses, latening, latens, latent, latently, latents, later, laterad, lateral, lateraled, lateraling, laterally, laterals, laterite, laterites, latest, latests, latewood, latewoods, latex, latexes, laureate, laureated, laureates, laureateship, laureateships, leachate, leachates, legate, legated, legatee, legatees, legates, legislate, legislated.

legislates, legitimate, legitimately, levigate, levigated, levigates, levirate, levirates, levitate, levitated, levitates, liberate, liberated, liberates, librate, librated, librates, ligate, ligated, ligates, ligulate, limbate, lineate, lineated, liquate, liquated, liquates, liquidate, liquidated, liquidates, literate, literates.

litigate, litigated, litigates, lobate, lobated, lobately, lobulate, locate, located, locater, locaters, locates, loculate, loricate, loricates, lubricate, lubricated, lubricates, lunate, lunated, lunately, lunulate, lustrate, lustrated, lustrates, luxate, luxated, luxates, luxuriate.

luxuriated, luxuriates, lyrate, lyrated, lyrately, lysate, lysates, macerate, macerated, macerates, machinate, machinated, machinates, maculate, maculated, maculates, magistrate, magistrates, magnate, magnates, makebate, makebates, malate, malates, maleate, maleates, maltreated, mammate, manatee, manatees, mandate, mandated, mandates, manipulate, manipulated, manipulates, marinate.

marinated, marinates, masticate, masticated, masticates, masturbate, masturbated, masturbates, mate, mated, mateless, matelote, matelotes, mater, material, materialism, materialisms, materialist, materialistic, materialists, materialization, materializations, materialize, materialized, materializes, materializing, materially.

materials, materiel, materiels, maternal, maternally, maternities, maternity, maters, mates, mateship, mateships, matey, mateys, matriculate, matriculated, matriculates, maturate, maturated, maturates, mediate, mediated, mediates, medicate, medicated, medicates, meditate, meditated, meditates, meliorate, meliorated, meliorates, menstruate.

menstruated, menstruates, mentholated, messmate, messmates, metate, metates, methotrexate, migrate, migrated, migrates, militate, militated, militates, ministate, ministates, minitheater, minitheaters, misappropriate, misappropriated, misappropriates, misate, miscalculate.

miscalculated, miscalculates, misdate, misdated, misdates, mismate, mismated, mismates, misrate, misrated, misrates, misseated, misstate, misstated, misstatement, misstatements, misstates, mistreated, mitigate, mitigated, mitigates, moated, moderate, moderated, moderately.

moderateness, moderatenesses, moderates, modulate, modulated, modulates, moschate, motivate, motivated, motivates, multilateral, multivariate, muriate, muriated, muriates, muricate, muscatel, muscatels, mutate, mutated, mutates, mutilate, mutilated, mutilates, narrate, narrated.

narrater, narraters, narrates, nates, nauseate, nauseated, nauseates, navigate, navigated, navigates, neaten, neatened, neatening, neatens, neater, neatest, necessitate, necessitated, necessitates, negate, negated, negater, negaters, negates.

negotiate, negotiated, negotiates, neonate, neonates, nervate, nictate, nictated, nictates, nitrate, nitrated, nitrates, nizamate, nizamates, nominate, nominated, nominates, nonaffiliated, noncandidate, noncandidates, noncarbonated, nonintegrated, nonrated, nonsegregated, nonstrategic, notate, notated, notates, nucleate, nucleated, nucleates.

numerate, numerated, numerates, nutate, nutated, nutates, oaten, oater, oaters, obdurate, obfuscate, obfuscated, obfuscates, oblate, oblately, oblates, obligate, obligated, obligates, obliterate, obliterated, obliterates, obovate, obstinate, obstinately, obturate, obturated.

obturates, obviate, obviated, obviates, ocellate, ocreate, odonate, odonates, officiate, officiated, officiates, oleate, oleates, operate, operated, operates, opiate, opiated, opiates, opinionated, oppilate.

oppilated, oppilates, orate, orated, orates, orchestrate, orchestrated, orchestrates, ordinate, ordinates, originate, originated, originates, ornate, ornately, ornateness, ornatenesses, oscillate, oscillated, oscillates, osculate, osculated, osculates, outate, outbleated, outcheated, outdate, outdated, outdates, outeaten, outstate, outstated, outstates, ovate, ovately, overate, overcompensate, overcompensated.

overcompensates, overcomplicate, overcomplicated, overcomplicates, overdecorate, overdecorated, overdecorates, overeaten, overeater, overeaters, overeducate, overeducated, overeducates, overelaborate, overestimate, overestimated, overestimates, overexaggerate, overexaggerated, overexaggerates, overhate, overhated, overhates, overheated, overinflate, overinflated, overinflates, overlate, overmedicate, overmedicated, overmedicates, overpopulated, overrate, overrated, overrates, overregulate.

overregulated, overregulates, oversaturate, oversaturated, oversaturates, overstate, overstated, overstatement, overstatements, overstates, overstimulate, overstimulated, overstimulates, overtreated, ovulate, ovulated, ovulates, oxalate, oxalated, oxalates, oxidate, oxidated, oxidates, paginate.

paginated, paginates, palate, palates, palliate, palliated, palliates, palmate, palmated, palpate, palpated, palpates, palpitate, panatela, panatelas, participate, participated, participates, passionate, passionateless, passionately, pastorate, pastorates, pate, pated, patella, patellae, patellar, patellas, paten, patencies.

patency, patens, patent, patented, patentee, patentees, patenting, patently, patentor, patentors, patents, pater, paternal, paternally, paternities, paternity, paters, pates, pectate, pectates, peculate, peculated, peculates, pedate, pedately, peltate, penates, pennate, pennated, perambulate, perambulated, perambulates, percolate, percolated, percolates, perforate, perforated, perforates, peripatetic.

permeate, permeated, permeates, perorate, perorated, perorates, perpetrate, perpetrated, perpetrates, perpetuate, perpetuated, perpetuates, philatelies, philatelist, philatelists, philately, phonate, phonated, phonates, phorate, phorates, phosphate, phosphates, picrate, picrated, picrates, pileate, pileated, pinnate, pinnated, pirate, pirated, pirates, pistillate, placate, placated.

placater, placaters, placates, planate, plate, plateau, plateaued, plateauing, plateaus, plateaux, plated, plateful, platefuls, platelet, platelets, platen, platens, plater, platers, plates, platesful, playmate, playmates, pleated.

pleater, pleaters, plicate, plicated, plumate, pollinate, pollinated, pollinates, pomegranate, pomegranates, pontificate, pontificated, pontificates, populate, populated, populates, postbaccalaureate, postdate, postdated, postdates, postgraduate, postgraduates, postulate, postulated, postulates, potentate, potentates, prate.

prated, prater, praters, prates, preallocate, preallocated, preallocates, precalculate, precalculated, precalculates, precipitate, precipitated, precipitately, precipitateness, precipitatenesses, precipitates, predate, predated, predates, predesignate, predesignated, predesignates, predicate, predicated.

predicates, predominate, predominated, predominates, prefabricated, preheated, preinoculate, preinoculated, preinoculates, prelate, prelates, premeditate, premeditated, premeditates, preponderate, preponderated, preponderates, pretreated, prevaricate, prevaricated, prevaricates, primate, primates, priorate, priorates, private, privateer, privateers, privater, privates, privatest, probate, probated, probates, procrastinate, procrastinated, procrastinates.

procreate, procreated, procreates, profligate, profligately, profligates, prognosticate, prognosticated, prognosticates, prolate, proliferate, proliferated, proliferates, pronate, pronated, pronates, propagate, propagated, propagates, propitiate, propitiated, propitiates, proportionate, proportionately, prorate, prorated, prorates, prostate, prostates, prostrate.

prostrated, prostrates, protectorate, protectorates, pulsate, pulsated, pulsates, punctate, punctuate, punctuated, punctuates, pupate, pupated, pupates, pyruvate, pyruvates, quadrate, quadrated, quadrates, quadrilateral, quadrilaterals, quate, quinate, rabbinate, rabbinates, racemate, racemates, radiate, radiated, radiates, radicate, radicated, radicates, rainwater, rainwaters, ramate, rate.

rateable, rateably, rated, ratel, ratels, rater, raters, rates, reaccelerate, reaccelerated, reaccelerates, reaccumulate, reaccumulated, reaccumulates, reactivate, reactivated, reactivates, reallocate, reallocated, reallocates, reassociate, reassociated, reassociates, rebate, rebated, rebater, rebaters, rebates.

recalculate, recalculated, recalculates, recapitulate, recapitulated, recapitulates, reciprocate, reciprocated, reciprocates, recirculate, recirculated, recirculates, reconsolidate, reconsolidated, reconsolidates, recontaminate, recontaminated, recontaminates, recrate, recrated, recrates, recreate, recreated, recreates.

recriminate, recriminated, recriminates, rectorate, rectorates, recuperate, recuperated, recuperates, redate, redated, redates, redecorate, redecorated, redecorates, rededicate, rededicated, rededicates, redefeated, redesignate, redesignated, redesignates, reestimate, reestimated, reestimates, reevaluate, reevaluated.

reevaluates, reflate, reflated, reflates, refloated, reformulate, reformulated, reformulates, refrigerate, refrigerated, refrigerates, regelate, regelated, regelates, regenerate, regenerated, regenerates, regrate, regrated, regrates, regulate, regulated, regulates, regurgitate, regurgitated, regurgitates, rehabilitate, rehabilitated, rehabilitates, reheated, reheater, reheaters, reincarnate, reincarnated, reincarnates, reincorporate, reincorporated, reincorporates.

reinoculate, reinoculated, reinoculates, reinstate, reinstated, reinstates, reintegrate, reintegrated, reintegrates, reinvestigate, reinvestigated, reinvestigates, reinvigorate, reinvigorated, reinvigorates, reiterate, reiterated, reiterates, rejuvenate, rejuvenated, rejuvenates, relate, related, relater, relaters, relates, relegate, relegated.

relegates, relocate, relocated, relocates, remonstrate, remonstrated, remonstrates, remotivate, remotivated, remotivates, remunerate, remunerated, remunerates, renegotiate, renegotiated, renegotiates, renovate, renovated, renovates, reoperate, reoperated, reoperates, reorchestrate, reorchestrated, reorchestrates, repatriate, repatriated, repatriates.

repeated, repeatedly, repeater, repeaters, replate, replated, replates, replicate, replicated, replicates, repopulate, repopulated, repopulates, reprobate, reprobates, repudiate, repudiated, repudiates, reseated, resegregate, resegregated, resegregates, resinate, resinated, resinates, resonate, resonated, resonates, restate, restated, restatement.

restatements, restates, restimulate, restimulated, restimulates, resuscitate, resuscitated, resuscitates, retaliate, retaliated, retaliates, retranslate, retranslated, retranslates, retreated, revaccinate, revaccinated, revaccinates, reverberate, reverberated, reverberates, roommate, roommates, roseate, rosewater, rostrate, rosulate, rotate, rotated, rotates.

rugate, ruinate, ruinated, ruinates, ruminate, ruminated, ruminates, runagate, runagates, saccate, salivate, salivated, salivates, saltwater, saltwaters, sanitate, sanitated, sanitates, sate, sated, sateen, sateens, satellite, satellites, satem, sates, satiate, satiated, satiates, saturate, saturated, saturates, savate, savates, schoolmate, schoolmates, scintillate, scintillated, scintillates, scutate.

scyphate, seated, seater, seaters, seatmate, seatmates, seawater, seawaters, secateur, secateurs, sedate, sedated, sedately, sedater, sedates, sedatest, segregate, segregated, segregates, selenate, selenates, senate, senates, sensate, sensated, sensates, separate, separated, separately, separates, septate, serenate, seriate, seriated.

seriates, serrate, serrated, serrates, shipmate, shipmates, sibilate, sibilated, sibilates, sigmate, silicate, silicates, simulate, simulated, simulates, sinuate, sinuated, sinuates, situate, situated, situates, skate, skated, skater, skaters, skates, slate, slated, slater.

slaters, slates, solate, solated, solates, solvate, solvated, solvates, sonicate, sonicated, sonicates, sophisticate, sophisticated, sophisticates, sorbate, sorbates, sororate, sororates, spate, spates, speciate, speciated.

speciates, spectate, spectated, spectates, speculate, speculated, speculates, spicate, spicated, spinate, spoliate, spoliated, spoliates, squamate, stagnate, stagnated, stagnates, stalemate, stalemated, stalemates, state, stated, statedly, statehood, statehoods, statelier, stateliest, stateliness, statelinesses, stately, statement, statements, stater, stateroom, staterooms.

staters, states, statesman, statesmanlike, statesmanship, statesmanships, statesmen, stearate, stearates, stellate, stimulate, stimulated, stimulates, stipulate, stipulated, stipulates, stomate, stomates, strategic, strategies, strategist, strategists, strategy, striate.

striated, striates, stylate, subcategories, subcategory, subjugate, subjugated, subjugates, sublate, sublated, sublates, subliterate, subordinate, subordinated, subordinates, subovate, substantiate, substantiated, substantiates, subtemperate, subulate, sufflate, sufflated, sufflates, suffocate, suffocated, suffocates.

sulcate, sulcated, sulfate, sulfated, sulfates, sulphate, sulphated, sulphates, sultanate, sultanated, sultanates, summate, summated, summates, superstate, superstates, supinate, supinated, supinates, supplicate, supplicated, supplicates, suppurate, suppurated, suppurates, suricate, suricates, sweated, sweater, sweaters, syncopate, syncopated, syncopates, syndicate.

syndicated, syndicates, tabulate, tabulated, tabulates, tailgate, tailgated, tailgates, tannate, tannates, tartrate, tartrates, tate, tater, taters, tates, teammate, teammates, teated, temperate, template.

templates, terminate, terminated, terminates, ternate, testate, theater, theaters, thecate, thionate, thionates, threated, threaten, threatened, threatening, threateningly, threatens, throated, tidewater, tidewaters, tinplate, tinplates, titanate, titanates, titillate.

titillated, titillates, titivate, titivated, titivates, titrate, titrated, titrates, toccate, toeplate, toeplates, togate, togated, tolerate, tolerated, tolerates, tollgate, tollgates, toluate, toluates, torquate, trabeate, tractate, tractates, translate, translated.

translates, treated, treater, treaters, triplicate, triplicates, tristate, triumvirate, triumvirates, truncate, truncated, truncates, tuatera, tuateras, tubate, tubulate, tubulated, tubulates, tunicate, tunicates, ulcerate.

ulcerated, ulcerates, ultimate, ultimately, ultimates, ululate, ululated, ululates, umbonate, unabated, unadulterated, unanticipated, unappreciated, unbated, unbeaten, uncinate, uncoated, uncoordinated, uncrate, uncrated, uncrates, uncreate, uncreated, uncreates, uncultivated, undated, undefeated, underate, undereaten, underestimate, underestimated, underestimates, undergraduate, undergraduates.

underrate, underrated, underrates, understate, understated, understatement, understatements, understates, underwater, undomesticated, undulate, undulated, undulates, uneaten, uneducated, unfortunate, unfortunately, unfortunates, ungrateful, ungratefully, ungratefulness, ungratefulnesses, ungulate, ungulates, unheated, unilateral, unilaterally.

unmated, unmotivated, unornate, unrated, unrelated, unsated, unseated, unsophisticated, unstate, unstated, unstates, unsubstantiated, untreated, update, updated, updater, updaters, updates, upstate, upstater, upstaters, upstates, urate, urates, urinate, urinated, urinates, urticate, urticated, urticates, ustulate, vacate.

vacated, vacates, vaccinate, vaccinated, vaccinates, vacillate, vacillated, vacillates, vaginate, valerate, valerates, validate, validated, validates, vallate, valuate, valuated, valuates, valvate, vanadate, vanadates, variate, variated, variates, variegate, variegated, variegates, vegetate, vegetated, vegetates, velate, venenate, venenated, venenates, venerate, venerated, venerates, ventilate, ventilated.

ventilates, veritates, vertebrate, vertebrates, vesicate, vesicated, vesicates, vibrate, vibrated, vibrates, vicarate, vicarates, vicariate, vicariates, vindicate, vindicated, vindicates, violate, violated, violater, violaters, violates, virgate, virgates, vitiate, vitiated, vitiates, vittate, vituperate, vituperated, vituperates, vizirate, vizirates, volvate.

vulgate, vulgates, vulvate, water, waterage, waterages, waterbed, waterbeds, watercolor, watercolors, watercourse, watercourses, watercress, watercresses, waterdog, waterdogs, watered, waterer, waterers, waterfall, waterfalls, waterfowl, waterfowls, waterier, wateriest, waterily, watering.

waterings, waterish, waterlog, waterlogged, waterlogging, waterlogs, waterloo, waterloos, waterman, watermark, watermarked, watermarking, watermarks, watermelon, watermelons, watermen, waterpower, waterpowers, waterproof, waterproofed, waterproofing, waterproofings, waterproofs, waters, waterspout, waterspouts, watertight, waterway, waterways, waterworks, watery, whatever, wheatear, wheatears, wheaten, xanthate, xanthates, yokemate, yokemates.

zapateo, zapateos, zincate, zincates, zonate, zonated, zoolater, zoolaters,

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