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Words containing ant

This list of words containing ant has 1503 entries. It may be helpful for people looking for words that contain ant, and words with ant.

aberrant, aberrants, abeyant, abradant, abradants, absonant, abundant, abundantly, acanthi, acanthus, acanthuses, accordant, accountant, accountants, accusant, accusants, adamant, adamantlies, adamantly, adamants, adjutant, adjutants, adjuvant, adjuvants, administrant, administrants, advantage, advantageous, advantageously, advantages, affiant.

affiants, alant, alants, aliquant, alterant, alterants, amaranth, amaranths, ambulant, amiantus, amiantuses, andante, andantes, ant, anta, antacid, antacids, antae, antagonism, antagonisms, antagonist, antagonistic, antagonists, antagonize, antagonized, antagonizes, antagonizing, antalgic, antalgics, antarctic, antas, ante, anteater, anteaters, antebellum, antecede, anteceded, antecedent, antecedents.

antecedes, anteceding, anted, antedate, antedated, antedates, antedating, anteed, antefix, antefixa, antefixes, anteing, antelope, antelopes, antenna, antennae, antennal, antennas, antepast, antepasts, anterior, anteroom, anterooms, antes, antetype, antetypes, antevert, anteverted, anteverting, anteverts, anthelia, anthelices, anthelix, anthem, anthemed, anthemia, antheming, anthems, anther, antheral.

antherid, antherids, anthers, antheses, anthesis, anthill, anthills, anthodia, anthoid, anthologies, anthology, anthraces, anthracite, anthracites, anthrax, anthropoid, anthropological, anthropologist, anthropologists, anthropology, anti, antiabortion, antiacademic.

antiadministration, antiaggression, antiaggressive, antiaircraft, antialien, antianarchic, antianarchist, antiannexation, antiapartheid, antiar, antiarin, antiarins, antiaristocrat, antiaristocratic, antiars, antiatheism, antiatheist, antiauthoritarian, antibacterial, antibiotic, antibiotics, antiblack, antibodies, antibody, antibourgeois, antiboxing, antiboycott, antibureaucratic, antiburglar, antiburglary, antibusiness, antic, anticancer.

anticapitalism, anticapitalist, anticapitalistic, anticensorship, antichurch, anticigarette, anticipate, anticipated, anticipates, anticipating, anticipation, anticipations, anticipatory, antick, anticked, anticking, anticks, anticlerical, anticlimactic, anticlimax, anticlimaxes, anticly, anticollision, anticolonial, anticommunism, anticommunist, anticonservation, anticonservationist, anticonsumer, anticonventional, anticorrosive, anticorruption, anticrime, anticruelty, antics, anticultural, antidandruff, antidemocratic, antidiscrimination, antidote.

antidotes, antidumping, antieavesdropping, antiemetic, antiemetics, antiestablishment, antievolution, antievolutionary, antifanatic, antifascism, antifascist, antifat, antifatigue, antifemale, antifeminine, antifeminism, antifeminist, antifertility, antiforeign, antiforeigner, antifraud, antifreeze, antifreezes, antifungus, antigambling.

antigen, antigene, antigenes, antigens, antiglare, antigonorrheal, antigovernment, antigraft, antiguerilla, antihero, antiheroes, antihijack, antihistamine, antihistamines, antihuman, antihumanism, antihumanistic, antihumanity, antihunting, antijamming, antiking, antikings, antilabor, antiliberal, antiliberalism, antilitter.

antilittering, antilog, antilogies, antilogs, antilogy, antilynching, antimanagement, antimask, antimasks, antimaterialism, antimaterialist, antimaterialistic, antimere, antimeres, antimicrobial, antimilitarism, antimilitarist, antimilitaristic, antimilitary, antimiscegenation, antimonies, antimonopolist, antimonopoly, antimony, antimosquito, anting, antings, antinode, antinodes, antinoise, antinomies, antinomy, antiobesity, antipapal, antipathies.

antipathy, antipersonnel, antiphon, antiphons, antipode, antipodes, antipole, antipoles, antipolice, antipollution, antipope, antipopes, antipornographic, antipornography, antipoverty, antiprofiteering, antiprogressive, antiprostitution, antipyic, antipyics, antipyretic, antiquarian, antiquarianism, antiquarians, antiquaries, antiquary, antiquated, antique, antiqued, antiquer, antiquers.

antiques, antiquing, antiquities, antiquity, antirabies, antiracing, antiracketeering, antiradical, antirealism, antirealistic, antirecession, antireform, antireligious, antirepublican, antirevolutionary, antirobbery, antiromantic, antirust, antirusts, antis, antisegregation, antiseptic, antiseptically, antiseptics, antisera, antishoplifting, antiskid, antislavery, antismog, antismoking, antismuggling, antispending, antistrike, antistudent, antisubmarine, antisubversion, antisubversive, antisuicide, antisyphillis.

antitank, antitax, antitechnological, antitechnology, antiterrorism, antiterrorist, antitheft, antitheses, antithesis, antitobacco, antitotalitarian, antitoxin, antitraditional, antitrust, antituberculosis, antitumor, antitype, antitypes, antityphoid, antiulcer, antiunemployment, antiunion, antiuniversity.

antiurban, antivandalism, antiviolence, antiviral, antivivisection, antiwar, antiwhite, antiwiretapping, antiwoman, antler, antlered, antlers, antlike, antlion, antlions, antonym, antonymies, antonyms, antonymy, antra, antral, antre, antres, antrorse, antrum, ants, applicant, applicants.

appurtenant, arrant, arrantly, arrogant, arrogantly, ascendant, ashplant, ashplants, askant, aslant, aspirant, aspirants, assailant, assailants, assistant, assistants, assonant, assonants, atlantes, attendant, attendants.

bacchant, bacchantes, bacchants, bantam, bantams, banter, bantered, banterer, banterers, bantering, banters, bantling, bantlings, bezant, bezants, bezzant, bezzants, blatant, bouffant, bouffants, brant, brantail, brantails, brants, brilliant, brilliantly, brisant, buoyant, byzant, byzants, callant, callants, cant, cantala, cantalas, cantaloupe, cantaloupes, cantankerous, cantankerously, cantankerousness.

cantankerousnesses, cantata, cantatas, cantdog, cantdogs, canted, canteen, canteens, canter, cantered, cantering, canters, canthal, canthi, canthus, cantic, canticle, canticles, cantilever, cantilevers, cantina, cantinas, canting, cantle, cantles, canto, canton, cantonal, cantoned, cantoning, cantons, cantor.

cantors, cantos, cantraip, cantraips, cantrap, cantraps, cantrip, cantrips, cants, cantus, canty, celebrant, celebrants, chant, chantage, chantages, chanted, chanter, chanters, chantey, chanteys, chanties, chanting, chantor, chantors, chantries, chantry, chants, chanty, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemums.

cilantro, cilantros, circumstantial, claimant, claimants, clairvoyant, clairvoyants, clamant, coagulant, coagulants, codefendant, codefendants, cognizant, combatant, combatants, commandant, commandants, complainant, complainants, compliant, concomitant.

concomitantly, concomitants, concordant, confidant, confidants, consonant, consonantal, consonants, constant, constantly, constants, consultant, consultants, contestant, contestants, conversant, coolant, coolants, cosecant, cosecants, cotenant, cotenants, couchant, courant, courante, courantes, couranto.

courantoes, courantos, courants, covenant, covenanted, covenanting, covenants, currant, currants, debutant, debutante, debutantes, debutants, decant, decanted, decanter, decanters, decanting, decants, decongestant, decongestants.

defendant, defendants, defiant, defoliant, defoliants, depressant, depressants, descant, descanted, descanting, descants, descendant, descendants, determinant, determinants, deviant, deviants, dianthus, dianthuses, dilatant, dilatants.

dilettante, dilettantes, dilettanti, disadvantage, disadvantageous, disadvantages, discant, discanted, discanting, discants, discordant, disenchant, disenchanted, disenchanting, disenchantment, disenchantments, disenchants, disinfectant, disinfectants, dismantle, dismantled, dismantles, dismantling, displant, displanted, displanting, displants, dissonant, distant, dominant, dominants, dopant, dopants, dormant, eggplant, eggplants, elegant.

elegantly, elephant, elephants, eluant, eluants, emigrant, emigrants, enchant, enchanted, enchanter, enchanters, enchanting, enchantment, enchantments, enchantress, enchantresses, enchants, entrant, entrants, equitant, errant, errantly, errantries, errantry, errants, evacuant, evacuants, exanthem, exanthems, excitant, excitants, exhalant, exhalants, exorbitant, expectant.

expectantly, explant, explanted, explanting, explants, exsecant, exsecants, extant, extravagant, extravagantly, exuberant, exuberantly, exultant, faineant, faineants, fantail, fantails, fantasia, fantasias, fantasie, fantasied, fantasies, fantasize, fantasized, fantasizes, fantasizing, fantasm, fantasms, fantast, fantastic, fantastical, fantastically.

fantasts, fantasy, fantasying, fantod, fantods, fantom, fantoms, figurant, figurants, flagrant, flagrantly, flamboyant, flamboyantly, flippant, fondant, fondants, formant, formants, fragrant, fragrantly, frantic, frantically, franticly, fumigant, fumigants, galavant, galavanted, galavanting, galavants, galivant, galivanted, galivanting, galivants.

gallant, gallanted, gallanting, gallantly, gallantries, gallantry, gallants, gallivant, gallivanted, gallivanting, gallivants, gantlet, gantleted, gantleting, gantlets, gantline, gantlines, gantlope, gantlopes, gantries, gantry, gardant.

gargantuan, gelant, gelants, gellant, gellants, giant, giantess, giantesses, giantism, giantisms, giants, gigantic, grant, granted, grantee, grantees, granter, granters, granting, grantor, grantors, grants, grievant, grievants, guarantee.

guarantees, guarantied, guaranties, guarantor, guaranty, guarantying, guardant, guardants, habitant, habitants, hant, hanted, hanting, hantle, hantles, hants, hesitant, hesitantly, hydrant, hydranth, hydranths, hydrants, hypermilitant, hyperromantic, hypervigilant, immigrant, immigrants, implant, implanted, implanting, implants, important, importantly, incantation.

incantations, incessant, incessantly, incitant, incitants, inconstant, inconstantly, indicant, indicants, indignant, indignantly, inelegant, inerrant, infant, infanta, infantas, infante, infantes, infantile, infantries, infantry, infants, informant, informants, inhabitant, inhalant, inhalants, insignificant, insouciant, instant, instantaneous, instantaneously, instantly, instants, insubstantial, insulant.

insulants, insurant, insurants, intolerant, intoxicant, intoxicants, intrant, intrants, inundant, irrelevant, irritant, irritants, issuant, iterant, itinerant, itinerants, janty, jessant, jubilant, jublilantly, jurant, jurants, kantar, kantars, kantele, kanteles, lantana, lantanas, lantern, lanterns, lanthorn, lanthorns, leant, levant, levanted, levanter, levanters, levanting.

levants, libelant, libelants, lieutenant, lieutenants, litigant, litigants, lubricant, lubricants, luxuriant, luxuriantly, lycanthropies, lycanthropy, malignant, malignantly, manservant, manta, mantas, manteau, manteaus, manteaux.

mantel, mantelet, mantelets, mantels, mantes, mantic, mantid, mantids, mantilla, mantillas, mantis, mantises, mantissa, mantissas, mantle, mantled, mantles, mantlet, mantlets, mantling, mantlings, mantra, mantrap, mantraps, mantras, mantua, mantuas, maranta, marantas, meant, meantime.

meantimes, mediant, mediants, mendicant, mendicants, menservants, mercantile, merchant, merchanted, merchanting, merchants, migrant, migrants, militant, militantly, militants, minigrant, minigrants, misanthrope, misanthropes, misanthropic, misanthropies, misanthropy, miscreant, miscreants.

misplant, misplanted, misplanting, misplants, mordant, mordanted, mordanting, mordantly, mordants, multiplant, mutant, mutants, natant, natantly, nauseant, nauseants, nonchalant, nonchalantly, noncombatant, noncombatants, nonmalignant, nonparticipant, nonparticipants, nonpregnant, nonsignificant.

nutant, obeisant, observant, occupant, occupants, octant, octantal, octants, operant, operants, oppilant, oscitant, osculant, overabundant, overexuberant, oxidant, oxidants, pageant, pageantries, pageantry, pageants, pant, pantaloons, panted, pantheon, pantheons, panther, panthers, pantie, panties.

pantile, pantiled, pantiles, panting, pantofle, pantofles, pantomime, pantomimed, pantomimes, pantomiming, pantoum, pantoums, pantries, pantry, pants, pantsuit, pantsuits, panty, parlante, participant, participants.

passant, peasant, peasantries, peasantry, peasants, peccant, pedant, pedantic, pedantries, pedantry, pedants, penchant, penchants, pendant, pendants, pennant, pennants, perianth, perianths, petulant, petulantly, phantasied, phantasies, phantasm, phantasms.

phantast, phantasts, phantasy, phantasying, phantom, phantoms, pheasant, pheasants, philanthropic, philanthropies, philanthropist, philanthropists, philanthropy, pieplant, pieplants, piquant, pissant, pissants, plant, plantain, plantains, plantar.

plantation, plantations, planted, planter, planters, planting, plantings, plants, pleasant, pleasanter, pleasantest, pleasantly, pleasantness, pleasantnesses, pleasantries, pliant, pliantly, poignant, pollutant, postulant, postulants, predominant, predominantly, pregnant, preplant, preponderant, preponderantly, propellant, propellants, protuberant, puissant, pulsant, pursuant, quadrant, quadrantes.

quadrants, quant, quanta, quantal, quanted, quantic, quantics, quantified, quantifies, quantify, quantifying, quanting, quantitative, quantities, quantity, quantize, quantized, quantizes, quantizing, quantong, quantongs, quants, quantum, quarantine, quarantined, quarantines, quarantining, radiant, radiantly, radiants, rampant, rampantly.

rant, ranted, ranter, ranters, ranting, rantingly, rants, reactant, reactants, reboant, recalcitrant, recant, recanted, recanter, recanters, recanting, recants, recreant, recreants, recusant, recusants, redundant, redundantly, refrigerant, refrigerants, regnant, regrant, regranted, regranting, regrants, reimplant, reimplanted, reimplanting, reimplants, relaxant, relaxants, relevant, relevantly.

reliant, reluctant, reluctantly, remnant, remnants, repentant, replant, replanted, replanting, replants, reptant, repugnant, repugnantly, resistant, resonant, resonantly, resonants, restaurant, restaurants, resultant, retirant, retirants, retransplant, retransplanted, retransplanting, retransplants, revenant, revenants, riant, riantly.

romantic, romantically, romantics, ruminant, ruminants, rutilant, saltant, santalic, santimi, santims, santir, santirs, santol, santols, santonin, santonins, santour, santours, saturant, saturants, savant, savants, scant, scanted, scanter, scantest, scantier, scanties, scantiest, scantily, scanting.

scantly, scants, scanty, sealant, sealants, seawant, seawants, secant, secantly, secants, sejant, sejeant, semantic, semantics, sergeant, sergeants, serjeant, serjeants, servant, servants, shantey, shanteys, shanti, shanties, shantih, shantihs, shantis, shantung, shantungs, shanty, sibilant, sibilants, signficant, signficantly.

significant, significantly, simulant, simulants, slant, slanted, slanting, slants, sonant, sonantal, sonantic, sonants, sovranties, sovranty, spirant, spirants, stagnant, statant, stimulant, stimulants, substantial, substantially, substantiate, substantiated.

substantiates, substantiating, substantiation, substantiations, superabundant, supplant, supplanted, supplanting, supplants, suppliant, suppliants, supplicant, supplicants, sycophant, sycophantic, sycophants, tantalic, tantalize, tantalized, tantalizer, tantalizers, tantalizes, tantalizing, tantalizingly, tantalum, tantalums, tantalus, tantaluses, tantamount, tantara, tantaras, tantivies, tantivy.

tanto, tantra, tantras, tantric, tantrum, tantrums, tarantas, tarantases, tarantula, tarantulas, tenant, tenanted, tenanting, tenantries, tenantry, tenants, titrant, titrants, tolerant, toxicant, toxicants, transplant, transplantation, transplantations, transplanted, transplanting, transplants, trenchant, triumphant, triumphantly, truant, truanted, truanting, truantries.

truantry, truants, tyrant, tyrants, ululant, unanticipated, underpants, undulant, unimportant, unmeant, unobservant, unpleasant, unpleasantly, unpleasantness, unpleasantnesses, unpliant, unquantifiable, unrepentant, unsubstantiated, unwanted, unwarranted, urticant, urticants, vacant, vacantly, vagrant, vagrants, valiant.

valiantly, valiants, vantage, vantages, variant, variants, vegetant, verdant, versant, versants, vesicant, vesicants, vibrant, vibrants, vigilant, vigilante, vigilantes, vigilantly, visitant, visitants, volant, volante, volitant, want, wantage, wantages, wanted, wanter, wanters.

wanting, wanton, wantoned, wantoner, wantoners, wantoning, wantonly, wantonness, wantonnesses, wantons, wants, warrant, warranted, warranties, warranting, warrants, warranty, waxplant, waxplants, xanthate, xanthates, xanthein, xantheins, xanthene, xanthenes, xanthic.

xanthin, xanthine, xanthines, xanthins, xanthoma, xanthomas, xanthomata, xanthone, xanthones, xanthous,

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