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7 letter words containing v

This list of 7 letter words containing v has 1317 entries. It may be helpful for people looking for words that contain V, and 7 letter words with v.

absolve, abusive, abvolts, achieve, actives, advance, advents, adverbs, adverse, adverts, advices, advised, advisee, adviser, advises, advisor, airwave, akvavit, alcoved, alcoves, alevins, allover, alluvia, alveoli, amative, amusive, anchovy, anviled, approve, aquavit, aquiver.

archive, arrival, arrived, arriver, arrives, atavism, atavist, availed, avarice, avatars, avellan, avenged, avenger, avenges, avenses, avenues, average, averred, averted, avgases, aviated, aviates, aviator, avidins, avidity, avionic.

avocado, avocets, avodire, avoided, avoider, avosets, avowals, avowers, avowing, avulsed, avulses, baklava, beavers, bedevil, beehive, behaved, behaver, behaves, behoove, behoved, behoves, believe, beloved, bereave, beveled, beveler, bevomit, bivalve, bivinyl, bivouac, bolivar, bolivia, bovines, bravado, bravely, bravers, bravery, bravest, braving, bravoed.

bravoes, bravura, bravure, brevets, brevier, brevity, cadaver, calvary, calving, canvass, captive, caravan, caravel, carvels, carvers, carving, casavas, cassava, cavalla, cavally, cavalry, caveats, caveman, cavemen, caverns, cavetti.

cavetto, caviare, caviars, caviled, caviler, cavorts, centavo, cervine, chervil, chevied, chevies, cheviot, chevron, chivari, chivied, chivies, civilly, civisms, civvies, clavate, clavers, clavier, cleaved.

cleaver, cleaves, clivers, clovers, coaeval, coevals, commove, concave, connive, convect, convene, convent, convert, conveys, convict, convoke, convoys, corvees, corvets, corvina, corvine, costive, couvade, covered, coverer, coverts, coveted, coveter, covings, cravats, cravens, cravers, craving, cresive, crevice, culvers, culvert, cursive, curvets, curvier.

curving, cutover, cuvette, datival, datives, davened, deaving, deceive, decurve, deliver, delvers, delving, deprave, deprive, derived, deriver, derives, dervish, deserve, devalue, deveins, develed, develop, devests, deviant, deviate, devices, deviled, devilry, devious, devisal, devised, devisee, deviser, devises, devisor, devoice, devoirs.

devolve, devoted, devotee, devotes, devours, diluvia, disavow, dissave, diverge, diverse, diverts, divests, divided, divider, divides, divined, diviner, divines, divisor, divorce, divulge, divvied, divvies, dogvane, dovecot, dovekey, dovekie.

dovened, drivels, drivers, driving, drovers, droving, duumvir, duvetyn, dwarves, dyvours, eightvo, elative, elevate, elevens, elevons, elusive, eluvial, eluvium, emotive, enclave, endives, enfever, engrave, enliven, enslave, envelop, envenom, enviers.

envious, environ, envying, erosive, estival, evacuee, evaders, evading, evangel, evanish, evasion, evasive, eveners, evenest, evening, everted, evertor, evicted, evictee, evictor, evident, evilest, eviller, evinced, evinces, eviting, evokers, evoking, evolute.

evolved, evolver, evolves, evzones, exclave, exuviae, exuvial, exuvium, fauvism, fauvist, favelas, favored, favorer, favours, favuses, fervent, fervors, fervour, festive, fevered, fictive, flavine, flavins, flavone, flavors, flavory, flavour, flivver, fluvial, flyover, forever.

forgave, forgive, foveate, foveola, foveole, frivols, fulvous, furtive, garveys, gaveled, gavials, gavotte, genevas, gingiva, glaived, glaives, glovers, gloving, governs, gravels, gravely, gravers, gravest.

gravida, gravies, graving, gravity, gravure, greaved, greaves, grieved, griever, grieves, grivets, grooved, groover, grooves, grovels, halavah, halvahs, halvers, halving, harvest, havened, havered, haverel, haviors, haviour, heavens.

heavers, heavier, heavies, heavily, heaving, helluva, helving, hoveled, hovered, hoverer, however, illuvia, impavid, improve, incivil, incurve, innerve, invaded, invader, invades, invalid, inveigh, invents, inverse, inverts, invests, invital, invited.

invitee, inviter, invites, invoice, invoked, invoker, invokes, involve, inweave, inwoven, isogriv, ivories, ivylike, jarveys, javelin, jayvees, jussive, juvenal, kelvins, khedive, klavern, knavery, knavish, kvasses, lavabos, laveers, lavrock.

layover, leavens, leavers, leavier, leaving, levants, levator, leveled, leveler, levelly, levered, leveret, leviers, levulin, levying, lievest, livable, livened, livener, lividly, liviers, livings, livyers.

lixivia, louvers, louvres, lovable, lovably, lovages, loverly, marvels, massive, mavises, mayvins, mikvahs, mikvehs, mikvoth, miniver, misaver, misgave, misgive, mislive, mismove, missive, mitsvah, mitzvah, motived, motives, motivic, movable, movably, naevoid, naively, naivest, naivete, naivety, natives, navaids, navally, navette, navvies, nervate.

nervier, nervily, nervine, nerving, nervous, nervule, nervure, nirvana, niveous, novella, novelle, novelly, novelty, novenae, novenas, novices, obovate, obovoid, observe, obverse, obverts, obviate, obvious, octaval, octaves, octavos, oeuvres, olivary, olivine, ottavas, outgave, outgive.

outlive, outlove, outmove, outrave, outvote, ovality, ovarial, ovarian, ovaries, ovately, ovation, overact, overage, overall, overapt, overarm, overate, overawe, overbet, overbid, overbig, overbuy, overcoy, overdid, overdry, overdue, overdye, overeat, overfar, overfat, overfed, overfly, overhot, overing, overjoy, overlap, overlax, overlay.

overlet, overlie, overman, overmen, overmix, overnew, overpay, overply, overran, overrun, oversad, oversaw, oversea, oversee, overset, oversew, oversup, overtax, overtly, overtop, overuse, overwet, ovicide.

oviduct, oviform, ovipara, ovisacs, ovoidal, ovulary, ovulate, pahlavi, palaver, parvenu, parvise, passive, pavanes, pavings, paviors, paviour, paviser, pavises, peaveys, peavies, peccavi, peeving, peevish, pelvics, pensive, pervade, pervert, piasava, pivotal, pivoted, plosive, plovers, pluvial, popover, poverty, preaver, precava, prevail.

prevent, preview, previse, prevued, prevues, privacy, private, privets, privier, privies, privily, privity, proverb, provers, provide, proving, proviso, provoke, provost, pulvini, purveys, purview, qiviuts, quavers, quavery, quivers.

quivery, raveled, raveler, ravelin, ravelly, ravened, ravener, ravined, ravines, ravings, ravioli, reavers, reaving, reavows, receive, recover, recurve, redrive, redrove, reeving, reevoke, regiven, regives, reivers, reiving, relieve.

relievo, relived, relives, removal, removed, remover, removes, renvois, repaved, repaves, replevy, reprove, reserve, resolve, restive, revalue, revamps, reveals, reveled, reveler, revelry, revenge, revenue, reverbs.

revered, reverer, reveres, reverie, reverse, reverso, reverts, revests, reviews, reviled, reviler, reviles, revisal, revised, reviser, revises, revisit, revisor, revival, revived, reviver, revives, revoice, revoked, revoker, revokes, revolts, revolve, revuist, revving, reweave, rewoven.

rievers, rilievi, rilievo, rivages, rivaled, rivalry, riveted, riveter, riviera, riviere, rivulet, rovings, runover, salivas, salvage, salvers, salvias, salving, salvoed, salvoes, salvors.

samovar, savable, savanna, savants, savates, saveloy, savines, savings, saviors, saviour, savored, savorer, savours, savoury, savvied, savvies, scarves, scrieve, scrived, scrives, selvage, servals, servant, servers, service, servile, serving, seventh, seventy, several, severed, severer, shavers, shavies, shaving, sheaved, sheaves, sheeves.

shelved, shelver, shelves, shivahs, shivers, shivery, shovels, shovers, shoving, shrieve, shrived, shrivel, shriven, shriver, shrives, sieving, silvans, silvern, silvers, silvery, silvics, skivers, skiving, skydive, skydove, slavers, slavery, slaveys, slaving, slavish, sleaved, sleaves, sleeved, sleeves.

slivers, slovens, snivels, solvate, solvent, solvers, solving, sonovox, soviets, sovkhoz, sovrans, spavies, spaviet, spavins, starved, starver, starves, stative, staving, steeved, steeves, stivers, stovers, strived, striven, striver, strives, stuiver, suasive, suavely, suavest.

suavity, suboval, subvene, subvert, surveil, surveys, survive, svelter, swerved, swerver, swerves, swevens, swivels, swivets, swiving, sylvans, sylvine, sylvins, sylvite, synovia, tantivy, taverns, tensive, thieved, thieves, thraves, thrived, thriven, thriver, thrives, travail, travels, travois, trevets, trivets, trivial, trivium, trovers, tussive.

twelves, uncivil, uncover, unglove, unitive, unlevel, unlived, unlives, unloved, unmoved, unnerve, unpaved, unravel, unreeve, unroven, unsaved, unveils, unvexed, unvocal, unvoice, unweave, unwoven, upcurve, updived, updives, upheave, upriver, uveitic, uveitis, uvulars, vacancy, vacated, vacates, vaccina, vaccine, vacuity, vacuole, vacuous, vacuums.

vagally, vaginae, vaginal, vaginas, vagrant, vaguely, vaguest, vahines, vailing, vainest, vakeels, valance, valence, valency, valeric, valeted, valgoid, valiant, validly, valines, valises, valkyrs, vallate, valleys, valonia, valours, valuate, valuers, valuing, valutas, valvate.

valving, valvula, valvule, vamoose, vamosed, vamoses, vampers, vamping, vampire, vampish, vanadic, vandals, vandyke, vanilla, vantage, vanward, vapidly, vapored, vaporer, vapours, vapoury, vaquero, variant, variate, varices, variers, variety, variola, variole.

various, varlets, varment, varmint, varnish, varsity, varuses, varying, vascula, vassals, vastest, vastier, vastity, vatfuls, vatical, vatting, vaulted, vaulter, vaunted, vaunter, vauntie, vavasor, vawards, vawntie, vealers, vealier, vealing, vectors, vedalia, vedette, veepees, veeries, veering, vegetal, vehicle, veilers, veiling, veiners.

veinier, veining, veinlet, veinule, velamen, velaria, veliger, velites, vellums, velours, veloute, velured, velures, velvets, velvety, venally, venatic, vendace, vendees, venders, vending, vendors, vendues, veneers, venging, venines, venires, venison, venomed, venomer.

ventage, ventail, venters, venting, ventral, venture, venturi, venular, venules, veranda, verbals, verbena, verbids, verbify, verbile, verbose, verdant, verdict, verdins, verdure, vergers, verging, verglas, veridic, veriest, verismo, verisms, verists, veritas, vermeil, vermian, vermuth, vernier, verruca, versant, versers, versets, versify.

versine, versing, version, verstes, vertigo, vervain, vervets, vesicae, vesical, vesicle, vesigia, vespers, vespids, vespine, vessels, vestals, vestees, vestige, vesting, vestral, vesture, vetches, veteran, vetiver.

vetoers, vetoing, vetting, vexedly, vexilla, viaduct, vialing, vialled, viatica, viators, vibioid, vibists, vibrant, vibrate, vibrato, vibrion, vibrios, vicarly, viceroy, vichies, vicinal, vicious, vicomte, victims.

victors, victory, victual, vicugna, vicunas, vidette, vidicon, viduity, viewers, viewier, viewing, vigours, vikings, vilayet, village, villain, villein, villose, villous, viminal, vinasse, vincula, vinegar, viniest, vintage, vintner, vinylic, violate, violent, violets, violins, violist, violone, viragos, virally, virelai, virelay.

viremia, viremic, virgate, virgins, virgule, virions, viroses, virosis, virtual, virtues, viruses, visaged, visages, visaing, visards, viscera, viscoid, viscose, viscous, viseing, visible, visibly, visions, visited, visiter, visitor, visored, vistaed, vitally, vitamer, vitamin, vitesse.

vitiate, vitrify, vitrine, vitriol, vittate, vittled, vittles, vivaria, vivider, vividly, vivific, vixenly, vizards, viziers, vizored, vizslas, vocable, vocably, vocalic, vocally, vocoder, voguish, voicers, voicing, voiders, voiding, volante, volcano, volleys, volosts, voltage, voltaic, voluble, volubly, volumed, volumes, voluted, volutes, volutin, volvate.

volvuli, vomicae, vomited, vomiter, vomitos, vomitus, voodoos, vorlage, votable, votress, vouched, vouchee, voucher, vouches, vowless, voyaged, voyager, voyages, voyeurs, vroomed, vulgars, vulgate, vulpine, vulture.

vulvate, vyingly, waivers, waiving, wavelet, waveoff, wavered, waverer, waviest, weavers, weaving, weevers, weevils, weevily, wharves, wherves, whoever, wiverns, wolvers, wyverns, yeshiva, zelkova, zemstvo, zouaves,

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