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5 letter words containing l

This list of 5 letter words containing l has 2091 entries. It may be helpful for people looking for words that contain L, and 5 letter words with l.

aalii, abele, abler, ables, aboil, acold, acyls, addle, adult, afoul, agile, aglee, aglet, agley, aglow, ahold, ahull, ailed, aisle, akela, alack, alamo, aland, alane, alang, alans, alant, alarm, alary, alate, albas.

album, alder, aldol, alecs, alefs, aleph, alert, alfas, algae, algal, algas, algid, algin, algor, algum, alias, alibi, alien, alifs, align, alike, aline, alist, alive, alkyd, alkyl, allay, alley, allod.

allot, allow, alloy, allyl, almah, almas, almeh, almes, almud, almug, aloes, aloft, aloha, aloin, alone, along, aloof, aloud, alpha, altar, alter, altho, altos, alula, alums, alway, amble, amole.

ample, amply, ampul, amyls, anele, angel, angle, anile, anils, ankle, anlas, annal, annul, anole, anvil, appal, appel, apple, apply, aptly, areal, argal, argil, argle, argol, ariel, arils, arles, artal, artel, arval, aryls, asyla, atilt, atlas, atoll.

aulic, aural, avail, awful, awols, axels, axial, axile, axils, axled, axles, azole, baals, babel, babul, badly, bagel, bails, balas, balds, baled, baler, bales, balks, balky, balls, bally, balms, balmy, balsa, banal, basal.

basil, baulk, bawls, bedel, belay, belch, belga, belie, belle, bells, belly, below, belts, beryl, betel, bevel, bezel, bezil, bialy, bible, bield, bigly, bilbo, biles, bilge.

bilgy, bilks, bills, billy, binal, birle, birls, blabs, black, blade, blahs, blain, blame, bland, blank, blare, blase, blast, blate, blats, blawn, blaws, blaze, bleak, blear, bleat, blebs, bleed, blend, blent, bless, blest, blets.

blimp, blimy, blind, blini, blink, blips, bliss, blite, blitz, bloat, blobs, block, blocs, bloke, blond, blood, bloom, bloop, blots, blown, blows, blowy, blued, bluer, blues, bluet, bluey, bluff.

blume, blunt, blurb, blurs, blurt, blush, blype, bogle, boils, bolar, bolas, boles, bolls, bolos, bolts, bolus, botel, boule, bowel, bowls, boyla, brail, brawl, brill, broil, bubal.

bugle, buhls, build, built, bulbs, bulge, bulgy, bulks, bulky, bulla, bulls, bully, burls, burly, butyl, bylaw, byrls, cabal, cable, calfs, calif, calix, calks, calla, calli, calls, calms, calve, calyx.

camel, canal, carle, carls, carol, cauld, caulk, cauls, cavil, cecal, ceils, celeb, cella, celli, cello, cells, celom, celts, ceorl, chalk, chela, chiel, child, chile, chili, chill, churl, chyle.

cibol, cilia, civil, clach, clack, clads, clags, claim, clamp, clams, clang, clank, clans, claps, clapt, claro, clary, clash, clasp, class, clast, clave, claws, clays.

clean, clear, cleat, cleek, clefs, cleft, clepe, clept, clerk, clews, click, cliff, clift, climb, clime, cline, cling, clink, clips, clipt, cloak, clock, clods, clogs, clomb, clomp, clone, clonk, clons, cloot, clops, close, cloth, clots, cloud, clour, clout, clove.

clown, cloys, cloze, clubs, cluck, clued, clues, clump, clung, clunk, coala, coals, coble, coils, colas, colds, coles, colic, colin, colly, colog, colon, color, colts, colza.

comal, cools, cooly, copal, coral, could, cowls, coxal, coyly, craal, crawl, creel, cruel, culch, culet, culex, culls, cully, culms, culpa, culti, cults, cupel, curls, curly, cycle, cyclo, cylix.

cymol, daily, dales, dally, deals, dealt, decal, dedal, deils, delay, deled, deles, delfs, delft, delis, dells, delly, delta, delve, devel, devil, dhole.

dials, dildo, dills, dilly, dimly, diols, dirls, dobla, doily, dolce, dolci, doled, doles, dolls, dolly, dolor, dolts, domal, dooly, dotal, dowel, doyly.

drail, drawl, drill, drily, droll, drool, dryly, duals, ducal, duels, dulia, dulls, dully, dulse, duple, dural, dwell, dwelt, eagle, earls, early, easel.

eclat, ecole, edile, elain, eland, elans, elate, elbow, elder, elect, elegy, elemi, elfin, elide, elite, eloin, elope, elude, elute, elver, elves, enols, enrol, equal, ervil, ethyl, evils, exalt, excel, exile, expel, extol.

exult, fable, fails, falls, false, farle, farls, fatal, fatly, fauld, fault, fecal, feels, felid, fella, fells, felly, felon, felts, feral, ferly, fetal, field, filar, filch, filed, filer, files, filet, fille, fills, filly, films, filmy.

filth, filum, final, fitly, fjeld, flabs, flack, flags, flail, flair, flake, flaky, flame, flams, flamy, flank, flans, flaps, flare, flash, flask.

flats, flaws, flawy, flaxy, flays, fleam, fleas, fleck, fleer, flees, fleet, flesh, flews, fleys, flick, flics, flied, flier, flies, fling, flint, flips, flirt, flite, flits, float, flock, flocs, floes, flogs, flong, flood, floor, flops, flora.

floss, flota, flour, flout, flown, flows, flubs, flued, flues, fluff, fluid, fluke, fluky, flume, flump, flung, flunk, fluor, flush, flute, fluty, fluyt, flyby, flyer, flyte, foals.

focal, foils, folds, folia, folic, folio, folks, folly, fools, fouls, fowls, frail, frill, fuels, fugal, fugle, fulls, fully, furls, fusel, fusil, fuzil, gable, gaily, galah, galas, galax, galea, gales, galls, gally.

galop, gaols, gault, gavel, gayal, gayly, gelds, gelee, gelid, gelts, ghoul, ghyll, gilds, gills, gilly, gilts, gimel, girls, girly, glace, glade, glads, glady, glair, gland, glans, glare, glary, glass, glaze.

glazy, gleam, glean, gleba, glebe, glede, gleds, gleed, gleek, glees, gleet, glens, gleys, glial, glide, gliff, glime, glims, glint, gloam, gloat, globe, globs, glogg, gloms, gloom, glops, glory, gloss, glost, glout.

glove, glows, gloze, glued, gluer, glues, gluey, glume, gluts, glyph, gnarl, goals, godly, golds, golem, golfs, golly, goral, graal, grail, grill, growl, gruel, guild, guile, guilt, gular.

gulch, gules, gulfs, gulfy, gulls, gully, gulps, gulpy, gyral, hadal, hails, haily, haled, haler, hales, halid, hallo, halls, halms, halos, halts, halva, halve, hamal, haole, haply, harls, haulm, hauls, hazel, heals.

heels, heils, helio, helix, hello, hells, helms, helot, helps, helve, hemal, herls, hexyl, hilar, hillo, hills, hilly, hilts, hilum, hilus, holds, holed, holer, holes, holey, holks, holla, hollo, holly, holms, holts, hooly, horal, hosel, hotel, hotly, hovel.

howls, hoyle, hulas, hulks, hulky, hullo, hulls, hurls, hurly, hylas, icily, ideal, idled, idler, idles, idols, idyll, idyls, igloo, iglus, ileac, ileal, ileum, ileus, iliac, iliad, ilial, ilium, impel, imply, indol, ingle, inkle, inlay, inlet, iodol, isled, isles.

islet, istle, ixtle, jacal, jails, jalap, jalop, jarls, jebel, jells, jelly, jewel, jills, jilts, joles, jolly, jolts, jolty, joule, jowls, jowly, jugal, julep, jural, jurel, kails, kalam, kales, kalif, kalpa.

keels, kelps, kelpy, ketol, kevel, kevil, kibla, kilim, kills, kilns, kilos, kilts, kilty, kleig, klieg, klong, kloof, klutz, kneel, knell, knelt, knoll, knurl, koala, koels, kohls, kolas.

kolos, kraal, krill, kulak, kylix, label, labia, labor, labra, laced, lacer, laces, lacey, lacks, laded, laden, lader, lades, ladle, laevo, lagan, lager, laich, laics, laigh, laird, lairs.

laith, laity, laked, laker, lakes, lakhs, lalls, lamas, lambs, lamed, lamer, lames, lamia, lamps, lanai, lance, lands, lanes, lanky, lapel, lapin, lapis, lapse, larch, lards, lardy, lares, large, largo.

larks, larky, larum, larva, lased, laser, lases, lasso, lasts, latch, lated, laten, later, latex, lathe, laths, lathy, lauan, lauds, laugh, laura, lavas, laved, laver, laves, lawed, lawns, lawny, laxer, laxly, layed, layer.

lazar, lazed, lazes, lazys, leach, leads, leady, leafs, leafy, leaks, leaky, leans, leant, leaps, leapt, learn, lears, leary, lease, leash, least, leave, leavy, leben, ledge, ledgy, leech.

leeks, leers, leery, leets, lefts, lefty, legal, leger, leges, leggy, legit, lehrs, lehua, leman, lemma, lemon, lemur, lends, lenes, lenis, lenos.

lense, lento, leone, leper, lepta, letch, lethe, letup, leuds, levee, level, lever, levin, lewis, liana, liane, liang, liard, liars, libel, liber, libra, libri, lichi, licht, licit, licks, lidar, lidos, liege, liens, liers, lieus, lieve.

lifer, lifts, ligan, light, liked, liken, liker, likes, lilac, lilts, lilty, liman, limas, limba, limbi, limbo, limbs, limby, limed, limen, limes, limey, limit, limns, limos, limps, linac, lindy, lined, linen, liner, lines, liney, linga, lingo, lings, lingy, linin, links.

linky, linns, linos, lints, linty, linum, lions, lipid, lipin, lippy, liras, lirot, lisle, lisps, lists, litai, litas, liter, lithe, litho, litre, lived, liven, liver, lives, livid, livre.

llama, llano, loach, loads, loafs, loams, loamy, loans, loath, lobar, lobby, lobed, lobes, lobos, local, lochs, locks, locos, locum, locus, loden, lodes, lodge, loess, lofts, lofty, logan, loges, loggy.

logia, logic, logoi, logos, loins, lolls, lolly, loner, longe, longs, looby, looed, looey, loofa, loofs, looie, looks, looms, loons, loony, loops, loopy, loose, loots, loped, loper, lopes, loppy, loral, lords, lordy, lores, loris.

lorry, losel, loser, loses, lossy, lotah, lotas, lotic, lotos, lotto, lotus, lough, louie, louis, loupe, loups, lours, loury, louse, lousy, louts, loved, lover, loves, lowed, lower, lowes, lowly, lowse, loxed, loxes, loyal, luaus, lubes, luces, lucid.

lucks, lucky, lucre, luffa, luffs, luges, lulls, lulus, lumen, lumps, lumpy, lunar, lunas, lunch, lunes, lunet, lunge, lungi, lungs, lunks, lunts, lupin, lupus, lurch, lured, lurer, lures, lurid, lurks, lusts, lusty, lusus, lutea, luted, lutes, luxes.

lyard, lyart, lyase, lycea, lycee, lying, lymph, lynch, lyres, lyric, lysed, lyses, lysin, lysis, lyssa, lytic, lytta, macle, madly, maile, maill, mails, malar, males, malic, malls, malms, malmy, malts.

malty, manly, maple, marls, marly, mauls, meals, mealy, medal, melba, melds, melee, melic, mells, melon, melts, merle, merls, metal, mewls, miaul, milch, miler, miles, milia, milks, milky, mille, mills, milos, milpa, milts, milty, modal, model, mogul, mohel, moils, molal.

molar, molas, molds, moldy, moles, molls, molly, molto, molts, molys, moola, mools, moral, morel, motel, mould, moult, muhly, mulch, mulct, muled, mules, muley, mulla, mulls, mural.

nails, naled, nasal, natal, naval, navel, nerol, newel, newly, nicol, nidal, nihil, nills, nival, noble, nobly, nodal, noels, noils, noily, nolos, nopal, notal, novel, nulls.

nurls, nyala, nylon, obeli, obole, oboli, obols, octal, octyl, oddly, odyle, odyls, offal, ogled, ogler, ogles, oiled, oiler, olden, older, oldie, oleic, olein, oleos, oleum, olios, olive, ollas, ology, opals, orals, oriel, orles, orlop, osmol.

ousel, ouzel, ovals, ovoli, ovolo, ovule, owlet, oxlip, padle, pails, palea, paled, paler, pales, palet, palls, pally, palms, palmy, palpi, palps, palsy, panel, papal, parle.

5 letter words containing L:

parol, patly, pawls, peals, pearl, pedal, peels, peles, pelfs, pelon, pelts, penal, pepla, peril, petal, phial, phlox, phyla, phyle, pical, picul, pilaf, pilar, pilau, pilaw, pilea.

piled, pilei, piles, pilis, pills, pilot, pilus, pipal, place, plack, plage, plaid, plain, plait, plane, plank, plans, plant, plash, plasm, plate, plats, platy, playa, plays, plaza, plead, pleas.

pleat, plebe, plebs, plena, plica, plied, plier, plies, plink, plods, plonk, plops, plots, plows, ploys, pluck, plugs, plumb, plume, plump, plums, plumy, plunk, plush, plyer, poilu, polar, poled, poler, poles, polio, polis, polka, polls, polly, polos, polyp, polys.

pools, poult, prill, prole, prowl, psalm, puled, puler, pules, pulik, pulis, pulls, pulps, pulpy, pulse, pupal, pupil, purls, pylon, quail, quale, qualm, quell, quill, quilt, rails, rales, rally, ratal, ratel, ravel, rawly, realm, reals, rebel, redly, reels, refel.

refly, regal, relax, relay, relet, relic, relit, renal, reoil, repel, reply, revel, rials, riels, rifle, riled, riles, riley, rille, rills, rilly, rival, riyal, roble, roils, roily.

roles, rolls, rotls, rowel, royal, ruble, rugal, ruled, ruler, rules, rural, sable, sadly, sails, salad, salep, sales, salic, sally, salmi, salol.

salon, salpa, salps, salts, salty, salve, salvo, sauls, sault, scald, scale, scall, scalp, scaly, schul, scold, scowl, sculk, scull, sculp, seals, seels, seely, selah, selfs, selle, sells, sepal.

seral, setal, shale, shall, shalt, shaly, shaul, shawl, sheal, shelf, shell, sheol, shiel, shill, shily, shoal, shool, shorl, shuln, shuls, shyly, sials, sibyl, sidle, sigil, silds, silex, silks, silky, sills, silly, silos, silts, silty, silva, sisal, skald, skelp, skill.

skirl, skoal, skulk, skull, slabs, slack, slags, slain, slake, slang, slank, slant, slaps, slash, slate, slats, slaty, slave, slaws, slays, sleds.

sleek, sleep, sleet, slept, slews, slice, slick, slide, slier, slily, slime, slims, slimy, sling, slink, slipe, slips, slipt, slits, slobs, sloes, slogs, sloid, slojd, sloop, slope, slops, slosh, sloth, slots, slows, sloyd, slubs, slued.

slues, sluff, slugs, slump, slums, slung, slunk, slurb, slurp, slurs, slush, sluts, slyer, slyly, slype, small, smalt, smell, smelt, smile, smolt, snail, snarl, snell, snool, socle, soils, solan, solar, soldi, soldo, soled, soles.

solid, solon, solos, solum, solus, solve, sonly, sorel, sotol, souls, spail, spale, spall, speel, speil, spell, spelt, spiel, spile, spill, spilt, splat, splay, split, spoil, spool, stale, stalk, stall, steal, steel, stela, stele.

stile, still, stilt, stole, stool, stull, style, styli, sulci, sulfa, sulfo, sulks, sulky, sully, sural, surly, swail, swale, swell, swill, swirl, sylph, sylva.

tabla, table, taels, tails, talar, talas, talcs, taler, tales, talks, talky, tally, talon, taluk, talus, tamal, teals, telae, teles, telex, telia, telic, tells, telly, teloi, telos, tesla, thill.

thiol, thirl, thole, thurl, tical, tidal, tilde, tiled, tiler, tiles, tills, tilth, tilts, tirls, title, toile, toils, tolan, tolas, toled, toles, tolls, tolus, tolyl, tonal, tools, total, towel, trail, trawl, trial, trill, triol, troll, trull, truly, tubal.

tules, tulip, tulle, twill, twirl, typal, uhlan, ulama, ulans, ulcer, ulema, ulnad, ulnae, ulnar, ulnas, ultra, ulvas, umbel, uncle, unlay, unled, unlet, unlit, until, uplit.

ureal, usual, utile, uveal, uvula, vagal, vails, vakil, vales, valet, valid, valor, valse, value, valve, vasal, vault, veals, vealy, veils, velar, velds, veldt, velum, venal, vexil, vials, vigil, viler, villa, villi, vills, vinal, vinyl, viola, viols, viral, virls, vital, vocal.

voile, volar, voled, voles, volta, volte, volti, volts, volva, vowel, vulgo, vulva, wails, waled, waler, wales, walks, walla, walls, wally, waltz, wanly, wauls, wawls, weald, weals, wedel, welch, welds, wells, welsh, welts.

wetly, whale, wheal, wheel, whelk, whelm, whelp, while, whirl, whole, whorl, wield, wilco, wilds, wiled, wiles, wills, willy, wilts, woald, woful, wolds, wolfs, wools, wooly, world, would, wryly, wyled, wyles, xylan, xylem, xylic, xylol, xylyl, yauld.

yawls, yelks, yells, yelps, yield, yills, yodel, yodle, yokel, yolks, yolky, yowls, yulan, yules, zeals, zilch, zloty, zoeal, zonal, zoril,

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