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Words containing f and g

This list of words with f and g in them has 2147 entries. It may be helpful for people looking for a word that contains the letters G and F.

acetifying, acidifying, aerifying, affecting, affectingly, affiancing, affiliating, affirming, affixing, afflicting, affording, afforesting, affraying, affright, affrighted, affrighting, affrights, affronting, afghan, afghani, afghanis, afghans, afterthought, afterthoughts, agrafe, agrafes, agraffe, agraffes, airlifting, airproofing, alkalifying.

ammonifying, amplifying, antifatigue, antiforeign, antiforeigner, antifungus, antigraft, antiprofiteering, antishoplifting, argufied, argufier, argufiers, argufies, argufy, argufying, backfilling, backfiring, baffing, baffling, bagful, bagfuls, bagsful, barfing, basifying, batfowling, beatifying, beautifying.

bedeafening, bedwarfing, beefing, befalling, befinger, befingered, befingering, befingers, befitting, beflag, beflagged, beflagging, beflags, befleaing, beflecking, beflowering, befog, befogged, befogging, befogs, befooling, befouling, befretting, befriending, befringe, befringed, befringes, befringing, befuddling, begulf, begulfed, begulfing, begulfs, beneficing, benefiting, benefitting, biffing.

blindfolding, bluffing, bodysurfing, boldfacing, breakfasting, briefing, briefings, brutifying, buffaloing, buffering, buffeting, buffing, bullfight, bullfighter, bullfighters, bullfights, bullfrog, bullfrogs, calcifying, camouflage, camouflaged, camouflages, camouflaging, caprifig, caprifigs, carnifying, casefying, centrifugal, centrifugally, centrifuge, centrifuges, certifying, chaffering, chaffing, chafing.

chamfering, chauffeuring, chloroforming, chuffing, citifying, clarifying, classifying, coalifying, cockfight, cockfights, codifying, coffering, coffing, coffining, coffling, cofinancing, coiffing, coiffuring, coifing, coinferring, comforting, confabbing, confecting, conferring, confessing, confiding, configuration, configurations, configure, configured, configures, configuring, confining, confirming, confiscating, conflagration, conflagrations, conflating.

conflicting, conforming, confounding, confronting, confusing, confuting, counterfeiting, crafting, crawfishing, crucifying, cuffing, daffing, damnifying, dandifying, deafening, debriefing, defacing, defaming, defatting, defaulting, defeating, defecating, defecting, defending, defensing, deferring, defilading, defiling, defining, deflating, defleaing, deflecting, deflowering, defoaming, defog, defogged, defogger, defoggers, defogging, defogs.

defoliating, deforcing, deforesting, deforming, defrauding, defraying, defrocking, defrosting, defusing, defuzing, defying, deifying, denazifying, densifying, desulfuring, detoxifying, differentiating, differing, diffracting, diffusing, dignified, dignifies, dignify, dignifying, dirgeful, disaffecting, discomfiting, disfavoring.

disfigure, disfigured, disfigurement, disfigurements, disfigures, disfiguring, disfranchising, disfrocking, disgraceful, disgracefully, disinfecting, disqualifying, doffing, dogface, dogfaces, dogfight, dogfighting, dogfights, dogfish, dogfishes, dogfought, drafting, draftings, driftage, driftages, drifting, dulcifying, dumbfounding.

dumfounding, dwarfing, edifying, effacing, effecting, effervescing, effigies, effigy, effulge, effulged, effulges, effulging, effusing, emulsifying, enfacing, enfeebling, enfeoffing, enfettering, enfevering, enfilading, enflaming, enfolding, enforcing, enframing, enfranchising, engraft, engrafted, engrafting, engrafts, engulf, engulfed.

engulfing, engulfs, enserfing, esterifying, etherifying, exemplifying, fabling, fabricating, faceting, facetting, facilitating, facing, facings, factoring, fadge, fadged, fadges, fadging, fading, fadings, fag, fagged, fagging, faggot, faggoted, faggoting, faggots, fagin, fagins, fagot, fagoted, fagoter, fagoters, fagoting, fagotings, fagots, fags, failing, failings, fainting.

fairground, fairgrounds, fairing, fairings, faithing, faking, falling, fallowing, falsifying, faltering, famiglietti, familiarizing, faming, famishing, fancying, fandango, fandangos, fanega, fanegada, fanegadas, fanegas, fang, fanga, fangas, fanged, fangless, fanglike, fangs.

fanlight, fanlights, fanning, fantasizing, fantasying, faradising, faradizing, farcing, farding, farewelling, faring, farming, farmings, farrago, farragoes, farrowing, farsighted, farsightedness, farsightednesses, farthing, farthings, farting, fascinating, fashing, fashioning, fastening, fastenings, fasting, fastings, fathering, fathoming, fatigue, fatigued, fatigues, fatiguing, fating.

fatling, fatlings, fattening, fatting, faubourg, faubourgs, faugh, faultfinding, faultfindings, faulting, favoring, favouring, fawning, faxing, faying, fazing, fearing, feasing, feasting, feathering, featuring, feazing, federating, feedbag, feedbags, feeding, feeing, feeling, feelings, feezing, feign, feigned, feigner, feigners, feigning, feigns, feinting.

felicitating, felling, fellowing, felting, feltings, feminising, feminizing, fenagle, fenagled, fenagles, fenagling, fencing, fencings, fending, feoffing, fermenting, ferreling, ferrelling, ferreting, ferriage, ferriages, ferruling, ferrying, fertilizing, feruling, fessing, festering, festooning, fetching, fetchingly, feting, fetologies, fetology, fettering, fetting, fettling.

fettlings, feuding, feuing, fevering, fibbing, fiberglass, fiberglasses, fiberizing, fibrillating, fiddling, fidge, fidged, fidges, fidget, fidgeted, fidgeter, fidgeters, fidgeting, fidgets, fidgety, fidging, fielding, fifing.

fig, figeater, figeaters, figged, figging, fight, fighter, fighters, fighting, fightings, fights, figment, figments, figs, figuline, figulines, figural, figurant, figurants, figurate, figurative, figuratively, figure, figured.

figurer, figurers, figures, figurine, figurines, figuring, figwort, figworts, filagree, filagreed, filagreeing, filagrees, filching, fileting, filiating, filibeg, filibegs, filibustering, filigree, filigreed, filigreeing, filigrees, filing, filings, filleting, filling, fillings, filliping, filmgoer, filmgoers, filming, filmsetting, filtering, filtrating, finagle, finagled, finagler, finaglers, finagles, finagling.

finalizing, financing, finding, findings, finessing, finger, fingered, fingerer, fingerers, fingering, fingerling, fingerlings, fingernail, fingerprint, fingerprints, fingers, fingertip, fingertips, finiking, fining, finings, finishing, finking, finning, firebombing.

firebug, firebugs, firedog, firedogs, firefang, firefanged, firefanging, firefangs, fireplug, fireplugs, fireproofing, firing, firings, firming, fishgig, fishgigs, fishing, fishings, fishtailing, fissioning, fissuring, fisting, fitting, fittings, fixating, fixing, fixings, fizgig, fizgigs, fizzing, fizzling, flabbergast, flabbergasted.

flabbergasting, flabbergasts, flag, flagella, flagellate, flagellated, flagellates, flagellating, flagellation, flagellations, flagged, flagger, flaggers, flaggier, flaggiest, flagging, flaggings, flaggy, flagless, flagman, flagmen, flagon, flagons, flagpole, flagpoles, flagrant, flagrantly, flags.

flagship, flagships, flagstaff, flagstaffs, flagstone, flagstones, flailing, flaking, flambeing, flaming, flamingo, flamingoes, flamingos, flamming, flange, flanged, flanger, flangers, flanges, flanging, flanking, flanneling, flannelling, flapping, flaring, flashgun, flashguns, flashing, flashings, flashlight, flashlights, flatfooting.

flatling, flattening, flattering, flatting, flaunting, flavoring, flavorings, flavouring, flawing, flaying, fleabag, fleabags, flecking, fledge, fledged, fledges, fledgier, fledgiest, fledging, fledgling, fledglings, fledgy, fleeching, fleecing, fleeing, fleering, fleeting.

fleishig, flemishing, flenching, flensing, fleshing, fleshings, fletching, flexing, fleying, flichtering, flickering, flicking, flight, flighted, flightier, flightiest, flighting, flightless, flights, flighty, flimflamming, flinching, fling, flinger, flingers, flinging, flings, flinting, flipping, flirting, flitching, fliting, flittering, flitting, floatage, floatages, floating, floccing.

flocking, flockings, flog, flogged, flogger, floggers, flogging, floggings, flogs, flong, flongs, flooding, floorage, floorages, flooring, floorings, flopping, florigen, florigens, flotage, flotages, flouncing, floundering, flouring, flourishing, flouting, flowage, flowages.

flowering, flowing, flubbing, fluctuating, fluffing, fluidising, fluidizing, fluking, fluming, flummoxing, flumping, flung, flunking, fluorescing, fluoridating, flurrying, flushing, flustering, fluting, flutings, fluttering, fluxing, flyblowing, flying, flyings, flyspecking, flyting, flytings, foaling, foaming, fobbing, focalising, focalizing, focusing, focussing, foddering, fodgel, fog, fogbound.

fogbow, fogbows, fogdog, fogdogs, fogey, fogeys, fogfruit, fogfruits, foggage, foggages, fogged, fogger, foggers, foggier, foggiest, foggily, fogging, foggy, foghorn, foghorns, fogie, fogies, fogless.

fogs, fogy, fogyish, fogyism, fogyisms, foiling, foining, foisting, folding, foliage, foliaged, foliages, foliating, folioing, following, followings, fomenting, fonding, fondling, fondlings, fooling, footage.

footages, footbridge, footbridges, footgear, footgears, footing, footings, footlight, footlights, footling, footnoting, footslog, footslogged, footslogging, footslogs, foozling, fopping, forage, foraged, forager, foragers, forages, foraging, foraying, forbearing, forbidding, forboding, forcing, fording, fordoing, forearming, foreboding, forebodings, forecasting, foreclosing, foredating.

foredoing, foredooming, forefeeling, forefending, forefinger, forefingers, foregather, foregathered, foregathering, foregathers, forego, foregoer, foregoers, foregoes, foregoing, foregone, foreground, foregrounds, foregut, foreguts, foreign, foreigner, foreigners, foreknowing, foreknowledge, foreknowledges, foreleg, forelegs.

foreordaining, forerunning, foreseeing, foreshadowing, foreshowing, foresight, foresighted, foresightedness, foresightednesses, foresights, forestalling, foresting, foreswearing, foretasting, foretelling, forethought, forethoughts, forewarning, forewing, forewings, forfeiting, forfending, forgat, forgather, forgathered, forgathering, forgathers, forgave, forge, forged, forger, forgeries, forgers, forgery, forges, forget, forgetful, forgetfully.

forgets, forgetting, forging, forgings, forgivable, forgive, forgiven, forgiveness, forgivenesses, forgiver, forgivers, forgives, forgiving, forgo, forgoer, forgoers, forgoes, forgoing, forgone, forgot, forgotten, forjudge, forjudged, forjudges, forjudging, forking, formalizing, formatting, forming, formulating, fornicating, forsaking, forswearing.

forthcoming, forthright, forthrightness, forthrightnesses, fortifying, fortnight, fortnightly, fortnights, fortressing, fortuning, forwarding, fossicking, fossilizing, fostering, fought, foughten, fouling, foulings, foundering, founding, foundling, foundlings, fountaining, fourgon, fourgons, fowling.

fowlings, foxglove, foxgloves, foxing, foxings, fractioning, fracturing, frag, fragged, fragging, fraggings, fragile, fragilities, fragility, fragment, fragmentary, fragmentation, fragmentations, fragmented, fragmenting, fragments, fragrant, fragrantly, frags, framing, frangibilities, frangibility, frangible, franking, frapping, fraternizing, fraught, fraughted, fraughting, fraughts, fraying.

frayings, frazzling, freaking, freckling, freebooting, freeing, freeloading, freestanding, freezing, freight, freighted, freighter, freighters, freighting, freights, frenching, frenzying, frequenting, frescoing, freshening, freshing, fretting, fribbling, fridge, fridges, friending, frig, frigate.

frigates, frigged, frigging, fright, frighted, frighten, frightened, frightening, frightens, frightful, frightfully, frightfulness, frightfulnesses, frighting, frights, frigid, frigidities, frigidity, frigidly, frigs, frilling, frillings, fringe, fringed, fringes, fringier, fringiest, fringing, fringy, frisking, frittering.

fritting, frivoling, frivolling, frizing, frizzing, frizzling, frocking, frog, frogeye, frogeyed, frogeyes, frogfish, frogfishes, frogged, froggier, froggiest, frogging, froggy, froglike, frogman, frogmen, frogs, frolicking, fromage, fromages, frontage.

frontages, fronting, frosting, frostings, frothing, frottage, frottages, frouncing, frowning, fructifying, frug, frugal, frugalities, frugality, frugally, frugged, frugging, frugs, fruitage, fruitages, fruiting, frustrating, frustratingly, frying, fubbing, fucking, fuddling, fudge.

fudged, fudges, fudging, fueling, fuelling, fug, fugacities, fugacity, fugal, fugally, fugato, fugatos, fugged, fuggier, fuggiest, fugging, fuggy, fugio, fugios, fugitive, fugitives, fugle, fugled, fugleman, fuglemen, fugles, fugling, fugs, fugue.

fugued, fugues, fuguing, fuguist, fuguists, fulfilling, fulgent, fulgid, fullering, fulling, fulmining, fumbling, fumigant, fumigants, fumigate, fumigated, fumigates, fumigating, fumigation, fumigations, fuming, functioning, funding, fungal, fungals, fungi, fungible, fungibles, fungic, fungicidal.

fungicide, fungicides, fungo, fungoes, fungoid, fungoids, fungous, fungus, funguses, funking, funneling, funnelling, funning, furbelowing, furbishing, furcating, furling, furlong, furlongs, furlough, furloughed, furloughing, furloughs, furnacing, furnishing, furnishings, furring, furrings, furrowing, furthering, fuselage, fuselages, fusing.

fussbudget, fussbudgets, fussing, fuzing, fuzzing, gabfest, gabfests, gadflies, gadfly, gaff, gaffe, gaffed, gaffer, gaffers, gaffes, gaffing, gaffs, gainful, gainfully, gallflies, gallfly, ganef, ganefs, ganof, ganofs, garfish.

garfishes, gasified, gasifier, gasifiers, gasifies, gasiform, gasify, gasifying, gatefold, gatefolds, gauffer, gauffered, gauffering, gauffers, gearshift, gearshifts, gentlefolk, genuflect, genuflected, genuflecting, genuflection, genuflections, genuflects, germfree, ghastful, gift, gifted, giftedly, gifting.

giftless, gifts, giraffe, giraffes, glassful, glassfuls, gleeful, gliff, gliffs, gloomful, glorification, glorifications, glorified, glorifies, glorify, glorifying, glowflies, glowfly, goatfish, goatfishes, godfather, godfathers, goffer, goffered, goffering, goffers, goldfinch, goldfinches, goldfish, goldfishes, golf, golfed, golfer, golfers, golfing, golfings, golfs.

gonfalon, gonfalons, gonfanon, gonfanons, gonif, gonifs, gonof, gonofs, goodwife, goof, goofball, goofballs, goofed, goofier, goofiest, goofily, goofiness, goofinesses, goofing, goofs, goofy, gooseflesh, goosefleshes, graceful, gracefuller.

gracefullest, gracefully, gracefulness, gracefulnesses, graffiti, graffito, graft, graftage, graftages, grafted, grafter, grafters, grafting, grafts, grainfield, grainfields, grandfather, grandfathers, grateful, gratefuller, gratefullest, gratefullies, gratefully, gratefulness, gratefulnesses, gratification, gratifications, gratified, gratifies, gratify, gratifying, grayfish, grayfishes, greenflies.

greenfly, grief, griefs, griff, griffe, griffes, griffin, griffins, griffon, griffons, griffs, grift, grifted, grifter, grifters, grifting, grifts, gruff, gruffed, gruffer, gruffest, gruffier, gruffiest, gruffily, gruffing, gruffish, gruffly, gruffs, gruffy, guff, guffaw, guffawed, guffawing, guffaws, guffs, guileful, gulf, gulfed, gulfier, gulfiest.

gulfing, gulflike, gulfs, gulfweed, gulfweeds, gulfy, gunfight, gunfighter, gunfighters, gunfighting, gunfights, gunfire, gunfires, gunflint, gunflints, gunfought, hafting, hagfish, hagfishes, handcrafting, handcuffing, handfasting, hangfire, hangfires, hefting, hogfish, hogfishes, hoofing, horrifying, hotfooting, huffing, humidifying, identifying, ignified, ignifies, ignify, ignifying, indefatigable.

indefatigably, indemnifying, infatuating, infecting, infeoffing, inferencing, inferring, infesting, infiltrating, infirming, infixing, inflaming, inflating, inflecting, inflicting, inflight, infolding, informing, infracting, infringe, infringed, infringement, infringements, infringes, infringing, infrugal, infuriating, infuriatingly, infusing, ingraft, ingrafted, ingrafting.

ingrafts, ingulf, ingulfed, ingulfing, ingulfs, insightful, insignificant, intensifying, interfering, introfying, jackknifing, jellifying, jollifying, jugful, jugfuls, jugsful, justifying, kerfing, kingfish, kingfisher, kingfishers, kingfishes, knifing, langlauf, langlaufs, lapidifying, leafage, leafages, leafing, leapfrog, leapfrogged.

leapfrogging, leapfrogs, leftwing, lifeguard, lifeguards, lifelong, lifesaving, lifesavings, lifting, lightful, lightproof, lignified, lignifies, lignify, lignifying, liquefying, liquifying, loafing, lofting, longleaf, luffing, lungfish, lungfishes, mafficking, magnific, magnification, magnifications, magnificence, magnificences, magnificent, magnificently, magnified, magnifier, magnifiers, magnifies, magnify, magnifying, malfunctioning.

manifesting, manifolding, manufacturing, meaningful, meaningfully, metrifying, micrifying, microfilming, midwifing, miffing, minifying, misfielding, misfiling, misfiring, misfitting, misforming, misframing, misgraft, misgrafted, misgrafting, misgrafts, misinferring.

misreferring, modifying, mollifying, mortifying, muffing, muffling, mummifying, mystifying, nazifying, neglectful, nidifying, niffering, nightfall, nightfalls, nigrified, nigrifies, nigrify, nigrifying, nitrifying, nonconflicting, nonconforming, nonfattening, nonflowering, nonsignificant, notifying, nullifying, obfuscating, offending, offering.

offerings, officering, officiating, offing, offings, offloading, offprinting, offsetting, offspring, offstage, opacifying, opsonifying, ossifying, outbluffing, outfabling, outfacing, outfasting, outfawning, outfeasting, outfeeling, outfight, outfighting, outfights, outfinding, outfiring.

outfitting, outflanking, outflowing, outflying, outfooling, outfooting, outfought, outfoxing, outfrowning, overamplifying, overfatigue, overfatigued, overfatigues, overfatiguing, overfearing, overfeeding, overfertilizing, overfilling, overfishing, overflowing, overflying, overinflating, overinfluencing, overruffing, oversimplifying, overstaffing, pacifying, paraffining, perfecting, perforating, performing, perfuming.

perfusing, petrifying, pettifog, pettifogged, pettifogging, pettifogs, pfennig, pfennige, pfennigs, piaffing, piffling, pigfish, pigfishes, pilfering, pinfolding, pontificating, postfixing, postflight, postforming, predefining, prefabbing, prefacing, preferring, prefigure, prefigured, prefigures.

prefiguring, prefixing, prefocusing, prefocussing, preforming, prefranking, premodifying, prenotifying, presifting, prettifying, prizefight, prizefighter, prizefighters, prizefighting, prizefightings, prizefights, profaning, professing, professionalizing, proffering, profiling, profiteering.

profiting, profligacies, profligacy, profligate, profligately, profligates, proliferating, proofing, proofreading, puffing, purfling, purflings, purifying, putrefying, quaffing, qualifying, quantifying, raffling, rafting, ragamuffin, ragamuffins.

ramifying, rarefying, rarifying, ratifying, reaffirming, reaffixing, rebuffing, recertifying, reclassifying, recodifying, reconfigure, reconfigured, reconfigures, reconfiguring, rectifying, redefeating, redefining, redefying, redrafting, reedifying, reefing, refacing, refalling, refastening, refecting, refeeding, refelling, refereeing, referring, reffing, refight, refighting, refights, refigure.

refigured, refigures, refiguring, refiling, refilling, refilming, refiltering, refinancing, refinding, refining, refinishing, refiring, refitting, refixing, reflating, reflecting, reflexing, refloating, reflooding, reflowering, reflowing, refluxing, reflying, refocusing, refocussing, refolding, reforesting, reforge.

reforged, reforges, reforging, reformatting, reforming, reformulating, refought, refounding, refracting, refraining, reframing, refreezing, refreshing, refreshingly, refrigerant, refrigerants, refrigerate, refrigerated, refrigerates, refrigerating, refrigeration, refrigerations, refrigerator, refrigerators, refronting, refrying, refueling, refuelling, refuge, refuged, refugee, refugees, refuges, refugia, refuging, refugium, refunding.

refurbishing, refusing, refuting, regardful, regraft, regrafted, regrafting, regrafts, regretfully, reidentifying, reifying, reinfecting, reinforming, reinfusing, remodifying, renotifying, reoffering, repacifying, repurifying, resifting, resinifying, resolidifying, restaffing, restuffing, resurfacing.

retrofitting, reunifying, revengeful, reverifying, revivifying, riffing, riffling, rifling, riflings, rifting, rightful, rightfully, rightfulness, rightfulnesses, rigidified, rigidifies, rigidify, rigidifying, roofing, roofings, ruffing, ruffling, russifying, sacrificing, safariing, safeguard, safeguarded, safeguarding, safeguards, safekeeping, safekeepings, safetying, salifying, sanctifying, saponifying, satisfying.

satisfyingly, scaffolding, scarfing, scarifying, sclaffing, scoffing, scorifying, scuffing, scuffling, seafaring, seafarings, selfing, serfage, serfages, shafting, shaftings, sheafing, shifting, shoplifting, shroffing, shuffling, sifting, siftings, signficance, signficances, signficant, signficantly, significance.

significances, significant, significantly, signification, significations, signified, signifies, signify, signifying, silicifying, simplifying, skiffling, slipforming, sluffing, slugfest, slugfests, snaffling, snafuing, sniffing, sniffling, snuffing, snuffling, softening, solfege, solfeges, solfeggi, solidifying, songfest, songfests, songful, soundproofing, spaceflight, spaceflights, specifying, spiffing, spoofing.

staffing, stellifying, stiffening, stifling, strafing, straightforward, straightforwarder, straightforwardest, stratifying, stuffing, stuffings, stultifying, stupefying, subclassifying, subfreezing, subterfuge, subterfuges, suffering, sufferings, sufficing, suffixing, sufflating, suffocating.

suffocatingly, suffrage, suffrages, suffusing, sulfating, sulfureting, sulfuretting, sulfuring, surfacing, surfeiting, surfing, surfings, tackifying, tariffing, telfering, tepefying, terrifying, terrifyingly, testifying, thoroughfare, thoroughfares, thoughtful, thoughtfully, thoughtfulness, thoughtfulnesses, tiffing, tiffining, torrefying, torrifying, trafficking, transferring, transfiguration, transfigurations, transfigure, transfigured, transfigures, transfiguring, transfixing, transforming.

transfusing, trifling, triflings, tufting, tumefying, turfing, typifying, uglified, uglifier, uglifiers, uglifies, uglify, uglifying, uncoffining, underfeeding, undignified, unfading, unfailing, unfailingly, unfastening, unfeeling, unfeelingly, unfeigned, unfencing, unfettering, unfitting, unfixing, unflattering, unfolding, unforged, unforgettable, unforgettably, unforgivable.

unforgiving, unforgot, unfought, unfreeing, unfreezing, unfrocking, unfurling, ungifted, ungraceful, ungrateful, ungratefully, ungratefulness, ungratefulnesses, uniforming, unifying, unmuffling, unroofing, unsatisfying, unshifting, upfling, upflinging, upflings, upflowing, upflung, upfolding, uplifting, upshifting, upwafting, vengeful, vengefully, verbifying.

verifying, versifying, vilifying, vitrifying, vivifying, vouchsafing, wafering, waffing, waffling, waftage, waftages, wafting, waifing, waterproofing, waterproofings, wayfaring, weatherproofing, wharfage, wharfages, wharfing, whiffing, whiffling, wifing, wolfing, woofing, wrongful, wrongfully, wrongfulness, wrongfulnesses, yaffing.

zaftig, zincifying, zinkifying, zoftig,

Glad you stopped by this reference page about words with f & g. To appear in the above F G word list these letters can appear in any order, each used at least once and perhaps multiple times, adjacent or even with other letters between them.

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