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9 letter words containing f

This list of 9 letter words containing f has 1793 entries. It may be helpful for people looking for words that contain F, and 9 letter words with f.

acetified, acetifies, acidified, acidifies, aerifying, aerofoils, affecters, affecting, affection, affianced, affiances, affidavit, affiliate, affirmers, affirming, afflicted, affluence, affluents, affording, afforests, affrayers, affraying, affrights, affronted, affusions, afterlife, aftermath, afternoon, afterward, airfields, airframes.

airlifted, airproofs, alfaquins, amplified, amplifier, amplifies, antefixes, antifraud, antigraft, antitheft, aperitifs, argufiers, argufying, artefacts, artifacts, artifices, avifaunae, avifaunas, awfullest, backfills, backfired, backfires, balefires, barefaced, basifiers, basifying, basketful, batfishes, batfowled, beatified, beatifies, beautiful, bedeafens, bedframes, bedwarfed, beefcakes, beefsteak.

beefwoods, befalling, befingers, befitting, beflagged, befleaing, beflecked, beflowers, befogging, befooling, befoulers, befouling, befretted, befriends, befringed, befringes, befuddled, befuddles, begulfing, bellyfuls, beneficed, benefices, benefited, billfolds, birdfarms, blackfins, blastoffs, blindfold, bloodfins, blowflies, bodysurfs, boldfaced, boldfaces, bombproof, bonifaces, bookshelf.

bouffants, bountiful, boxfishes, breakfast, briefcase, briefings, briefness, brushoffs, brutified, brutifies, bucketful, buffaloed, buffaloes, buffering, buffeters, buffeting, bullfight, bullfinch, bullfrogs, bushfires, busulfans, butterfat, butterfly, cafeteria, caffeines, calcified, calcifies, calctufas, calctuffs, calfskins, califates, campfires, camshafts, canfields, caprifigs, carefully, carnified, carnifies.

casefying, catfishes, certified, certifier, certifies, chaffered, chaffiest, chamfered, chamfrons, chanfrons, chauffers, chauffeur, checkoffs, cheekfuls, chestfuls, chiefdoms, chieftain, chockfull, chuffiest, citifying, clarified, clarifies, cliffiest, coalfield, coalified, coalifies, cockfight, cocklofts, codfishes, codifiers, codifying, coeffects, cofactors, cofeature, coffeepot, coffering, coffining, cofinance, cofounder.

coiffeurs, coiffured, coiffures, coliforms, colorfast, comforted, comforter, confabbed, confected, conferees, conferred, confervae, confervas, confessed, confesses, confessor, confidant, confident, confiders, confiding, configure, confiners, confining, confirmed, conflated, conflates.

conflicts, confluxes, conformed, confounds, confreres, confronts, confusing, confusion, confuters, confuting, cowfishes, craftiest, craftsman, craftsmen, crowfoots, crucifers, crucified, crucifies, cuniforms, daffodils, damnified, damnifies, dandified, dandifies, dandriffs, dandruffs, deadfalls.

deafening, debriefed, deceitful, deerflies, defatting, defaulted, defeaters, defeating, defecated, defecates, defecting, defection, defective, defectors, defendant, defenders, defending, defensing, defensive, deference, deferents, deferment, deferrals, deferrers, deferring, defiances, deficient, defiladed, defilades.

definable, definably, deflating, deflation, deflators, defleaing, deflected, deflowers, defoamers, defoaming, defoggers, defogging, defoliant, defoliate, deforcing, deforests, deformers, deforming, deformity, defrauded, defrayals, defrayers, defraying, defrocked.

defrosted, defroster, densified, densifies, desulfurs, different, differing, difficult, diffident, diffracts, diffusers, diffusing, diffusion, diffusors, dignified, dignifies, diolefins, disaffect, disbelief, discomfit, disfavors, disfigure, disfrocks, disinfect, disproofs, disulfids, diversify, dogfights, dogfishes, dogfought, dolefully, downfalls, draffiest, draftiest, draftings, draftsman, draftsmen.

dreadfuls, driftages, driftiest, driftpins, driftwood, drumfires, dulcified, dulcifies, dumbfound, dumfounds, dummkopfs, dwarfisms, dyestuffs, effecters, effecting, effective, effectors, effectual, efferents, efficient, effluents, effulging, effusions, enfeebled, enfeebles, enfeoffed, enfetters, enfevered, enfiladed, enfilades, enflaming, enfolders, enfolding, enforcers, enforcing.

enframing, engrafted, engulfing, enserfing, epifaunae, epifaunas, evenfalls, exemplify, fabricate, fabulists, facesheet, facetious, facetting, facsimile, factional, factories, factoring, factotums, factually, faculties, fadeaways, faggoting, fagotings, fahlbands, faineants, faintness, fairleads, fairyisms, fairyland.

faithfuls, faithless, falchions, falconers, falconets, falderals, falderols, fallacies, fallbacks, fallowing, falsehood, falseness, falsettos, falsified, falsifies, falsities, faltboats, falterers, faltering, familiars, famishing.

fanatical, fandangos, fanegadas, fanfarons, fanlights, fantasias, fantasied, fantasies, fantasize, fantastic, faradised, faradises, faradisms, faradized, faradizes, farewells, farmhands, farmhouse, farmlands, farmstead, farmyards, farnesols, farnesses.

farragoes, farrowing, farthings, fascicled, fascicles, fascinate, fascistic, fashioned, fastbacks, fastballs, fasteners, fastening, fatalisms, fatalists, fatefully, fathering, fathoming, fatiguing, fatnesses, fatstocks, fatteners, fattening, fatuities, fatuously, faubourgs, faultiest, faultless.

fauteuils, favorable, favorably, favorites, favourers, favouring, fayalites, fearfully, feasances, feathered, featliest, featuring, fecundity, federally, federated, federates, feedbacks, feedboxes, feistiest, feldspars, fellaheen, fellatios, fellowing, fellowman, fellowmen, felonious, felonries, felstones, feminines, feminised, feminises, feminisms, feminists, feminized, feminizes, fenagling, fencibles, fenestrae, feodaries.

fermented, ferneries, ferocious, ferreling, ferrelled, ferreters, ferreting, ferriages, ferritins, ferruling, ferryboat, fertility, fertilize, fervently, festering, festivals, festively, festivity, festooned, fetations, feteritas, feticides, fetterers, fettering, fettlings, feudalism, feudaries, feverfews, fewnesses, feynesses, fiberized, fiberizes, fibrillae.

fibromata, fictional, fidgeters, fidgeting, fiduciary, fieriness, fifteenth, fiftieths, figeaters, fightings, figulines, figurants, figurines, filagreed, filagrees, filaments, filariids, filatures, filiating, filicides, filigreed, filigrees, filisters, filleting, filliping, filmcards, filmgoers, filmlands, filmstrip, filterers, filtering.

filthiest, filtrated, filtrates, finaglers, finagling, finalisms, finalists, finalized, finalizes, financial, financier, financing, finessing, finfishes, fingerers, fingering, fingertip, finickier, finishers, finishing, finitudes, finnmarks, finochios, fireballs, firebirds, fireboats, firebombs, fireboxes, firebrats, firebreak, fireclays, firedamps, firefangs, fireflies, firehalls.

firelocks, firepinks, fireplace, fireplugs, fireproof, firerooms, firesides, firetraps, fireweeds, firewoods, fireworks, fireworms, firmament, fishboats, fishbones, fishbowls, fisheries, fisherman, fishermen, fishhooks, fishlines, fishmeals, fishpoles, fishponds, fishtails, fishwives, fissional, fissioned, fissipeds, fissuring, fistnotes, fitnesses, fixations, fixatives, fixedness, flabbiest, flaggiest.

flaggings, flagpoles, flagships, flagstaff, flagstone, flambeaus, flambeaux, flambeing, flamencos, flameouts, flamingos, flammable, flancards, flaneries, flanneled, flapjacks, flappiest, flashguns, flashiest, flashings, flatboats, flatfoots, flatheads, flatirons, flatlands, flattened, flattered, flatterer, flatulent, flatwares, flatworks, flatworms, flaunters, flauntier, flaunting, flautists, flavonols, flavorers, flavorful, flavoring.

flavoured, flaxseeds, fleabanes, fleabites, fleaworts, flections, fledgiest, fledgling, fleeching, fleeciest, fleetness, flemished, flemishes, flenching, fleshiest, fleshings, fleshlier, fleshpots, fletchers, fletching, flichters, flickered, flightier, flighting, flimflams, flimsiest, flinchers, flinching, flintiest, flippancy, flirtiest, flitching, flittered, floatages, floatiest, floccules, flockiest, flockings, floggings, floodways.

floorages, floorings, flopovers, floppiest, florences, florigens, flossiest, flotation, flotillas, flouncier, flouncing, flounders, flowchart, flowerers, flowerets, flowerier, flowering, flowerpot, flowsheet, fluctuate, fluencies, fluffiest, fluidised, fluidises, fluidized, fluidizes, fluidrams, flummoxed, flummoxes.

fluorenes, fluoresce, fluorides, fluorines, fluorites, flurrying, flustered, fluttered, flyleaves, flypapers, flyspecks, flywheels, focalised, focalises, focalized, focalizes, focussing, foddering, fogfruits, foldboats, folderols, foliating, folklores, folkmoots, folkmotes, folksiest, folktales, follicles, followers, following, fomenters, fomenting, fondlings, fontanels, foofaraws, fooleries, foolhardy, foolisher, foolproof, foolscaps.

footballs, footbaths, footfalls, footgears, foothills, footholds, footlight, footloose, footmarks, footnoted, footnotes, footpaces, footpaths, footprint, footraces, footrests, footropes, footslogs, footsteps, footstool, footwalls, footwears, footworks, fopperies, forbidals, forbidden, forboding, forearmed, forebears, foreboded, forebodes, forebooms, forecasts, foreclose, foredated.

foredates, foredecks, foredoing, foredooms, forefaces, forefeels, forefends, forefront, foregoers, foregoing, forehands, foreheads, forehoofs, foreigner, foreknown, foreknows, forelands, forelimbs, forelocks, foremasts, foremilks, forenames, forenoons, forensics, foreparts, forepeaks, foreplays, foreranks, foresails, foreseers, foreshown, foreshows, foresides, foresight, foreskins, forestall, forestays.

foresters, foresting, foreswear, foretaste, foretells, foretimes, forewarns, forewings, forewords, foreyards, forfeited, forfended, forgather, forgeries, forgetful, forgivers, forgiving, forgotten, forjudged, forjudges, forklifts, forlorner.

formalins, formality, formalize, formation, formative, formatted, formulate, fornicate, forsakers, forsaking, forswears, forsythia, forthwith, fortieths, fortified, fortifies, fortitude, fortnight, fortunate, fortuning, forwarded, forwarder, forzandos, fossettes, fossicked, fossilize, fosterers, fostering, foundered, foundling, foundries, fountains, fourscore, foursomes, fourteens.

foveolets, fowlpoxes, foxfishes, foxgloves, foxhounds, fractions, fractured, fractures, fraggings, fragility, fragments, frailties, framework, franchise, franciums, frangible, frankfort, frankfurt, franklins, frankness, franticly, fraternal, fraughted, frauleins, frazzling.

freakiest, freakouts, frecklier, freckling, freeboots, freeholds, freeloads, freighted, freighter, frenching, frenetics, frenzying, frequency, frequents, frescoers, frescoing, freshened, freshness, fretfully, frettiest, fretworks, fribblers, fribbling, fricassee, frictions, friending, frightens, frightful, frighting, frigidity, frilliest, frillings, fringiest, frisettes, friskiest, frittered, frivolers.

frivoling, frivolity, frivolled, frivolous, frizettes, frizziest, frizzlers, frizzlier, frizzling, froggiest, frolicked, frondeurs, frontages, frontiers, frontlets, frostbite, frostiest, frostings, frothiest, frottages, frotteurs, froufrous, frouncing, frouziest, frowsiest, frowstier, frowziest, fructoses, frugality, fruitages, fruitcake, fruitiest, fruitions, fruitless, fruitlets, frumpiest, frustrate, frustules.

fuchsines, fugitives, fulfilled, fullbacks, fulleries, fullering, fullfaces, fulmining, fulnesses, fumarases, fumarates, fumaroles, fumigants, fumigated, fumigates, functions, fungibles, fungicide, funneling, funnelled, furanoses, furbelows, furbished, furbishes, furcating, furcraeas, furfurals, furfurans, furiously, furloughs, furmeties, furmities, furnacing.

furnished, furnishes, furniture, furriners, furrowers, furrowing, furthered, furtively, furuncles, fuselages, fusileers, fusiliers, fusillade, fussiness, futurisms, futurists, fuzziness, gainfully, gallflies, garfishes, gasifiers, gasifying, gatefolds, gauffered, gearshift, genuflect, glassfuls, glorified, glorifies, glowflies, godfather, goffering, goldfinch.

gonfalons, gonfanons, goofballs, goofiness, graftages, gratified, gratifies, gruffiest, guffawing, gulfweeds, gunfights, gunflints, gunfought, haftarahs, haftaroth, haftorahs, haftoroth, hagfishes, halfbacks, halfbeaks, halflives, halftimes, halftones, handcraft.

handcuffs, handfasts, hangfires, harmfully, hausfraus, headfirst, healthful, heedfully, hellfires, helpfully, hereafter, hoarfrost, hogfishes, holdfasts, hoofbeats, hopefully, horrified, horrifies, hotfooted, housefuls, housewife, ignifying, indemnify, ineffable, ineffably, infancies, infantile, infatuate, infecters, infecting, infection, infective, infectors, infeoffed, inference, inferiors, inferrers, inferring, infertile, infesters.

infesting, infielder, infinites, infirmary, infirming, infirmity, infixions, inflamers, inflaming, inflaters, inflating, inflation, inflators, inflected, inflicted, influence, influents, influenza, infolders, infolding, informant, informers, informing, infracted, infrareds, infringed, infringes, infuriate, infusions, ingrafted, ingulfing, intensify, interface, interfere, introfied, introfies, iodoforms.

jackknife, jellified, jellifies, jellyfish, jewfishes, jollified, jollifies, joyfuller, justified, justifies, kaffiyehs, kalifates, karnofsky, kerchiefs, knockoffs, ladlefuls, landfalls, landfills, landforms, langlaufs, leafworms, leapfrogs, leftovers, lifeblood, lifeboats, lifeguard, lifelines, lifesaver, lifetimes, lifeworks, lignified, lignifies, liquefied, liquefier, liquefies.

liquified, liquifies, locofocos, loftiness, looseleaf, mafficked, magnified, magnifier, magnifies, makefasts, makeshift, malformed, manifesto, manifests, manifolds, masterful, mayflower, mccaffrey, metrified, metrifies, micrified, micrifies, microfilm, midfields, midwifery, midwifing, minifying.

mischiefs, misfaiths, misfields, misfiling, misfiring, misfitted, misformed, misframed, misframes, misgrafts, misinfers, misinform, misrefers, modifiers, modifying, moffettes, mollified, mollifies, monofuels, moorfowls, mortified, mortifies, moufflons, mouthfuls, mudfishes, mummified, mummifies, mystified.

mystifies, nailfolds, nazifying, nefarious, nidifying, niffering, nightfall, nigrified, nigrifies, nitrified, nitrifies, nonfluids, nonprofit, notifiers, notifying, nullified, nullifies, oarfishes, obfuscate, offenders, offending, offensive, offerings, offertory, officered, officials, officiate, officious.

offloaded, offprints, offshoots, offspring, olfactory, opacified, opacifies, ossifiers, ossifying, outbluffs, outfabled, outfables, outfacing, outfasted, outfawned, outfeasts, outfields, outfights, outfiring, outfitted, outfitter, outflanks.

outflowed, outflying, outfooled, outfooted, outfought, outfoxing, outfrowns, overdraft, overfears, overfeeds, overfills, overflies, overflown, overflows, overruffs, overstaff, pacifiers, pacifisms, pacifists, pacifying, painfully, palefaces.

panfishes, pantofles, paraffins, paraforms, pedalfers, pendaflex, perfectas, perfected, perfecter, perfectly, perfectos, perfidies, perforate, performed, performer, perfumers, perfuming, perfusing, personify, petrified, petrifies, pettifogs, piedforts, pigfishes, pikestaff, pilferers, pilfering, pinafores, pinfishes, pinfolded, pisiforms.

pitchfork, pitifully, plaintiff, planforms, platefuls, platesful, platforms, playfully, plentiful, pocketful, portfolio, postfaces, postfixed, postfixes, postforms, praefects, pratfalls, predefine, prefabbed, prefacers, prefacing, preferred, prefigure, prefilter.

prefixing, preformed, prefranks, premodify, prenotify, presifted, profanely, profaners, profaning, professed, professes, professor, proffered, profilers, profiling, profiteer, profiters, profiting, profounds, profusely, profusion, proofread, puffballs, pufferies, pupfishes, purflings, purifiers, purifying, putrefied, putrefies, qualified, qualifier, qualifies, raffishly.

rainfalls, ramifying, rarefiers, rarefying, rarifying, ratfishes, ratifiers, ratifying, reaffirms, reaffixed, reaffixes, rebuffing, recertify, rectified, rectifier, rectifies, redefeats, redefined, redefines, redefying, redfishes, redrafted, reedified, reedifies, refalling, refastens, refecting, refeeding, refelling, referable, reference, referenda, referents, referrals, referrers.

referring, refigured, refigures, refilling, refilming, refilters, refinance, refinding, refitting, reflating, reflected, reflector, reflexing, reflexive, refloated, reflooded, reflowers, reflowing, refluxing, refocused, refocuses, refolding, reforests, reforging, reformats.

reformers, reforming, refounded, refracted, refrained, reframing, refreezes, refreshed, refresher, refreshes, refronted, refueling, refuelled, refunders, refunding, refurbish, regardful, regrafted, reinfects, reinforms, reinfused, reinfuses, reoffered, reposeful, resentful, resifting, restaffed, restfully, restuffed, resurface, retrofits.

reunified, reunifies, riffraffs, rifleries, rockfalls, rooflines, rooftrees, russified, russifies, sacrifice, safariing, safeguard, safetying, safflower, safranins, sainfoins, salifying, salsifies, sandflies, sanserifs, sassafras, satisfied, satisfies, sawfishes, scaffolds, scarfpins, scarified, scarifies, sclaffers, sclaffing, scofflaws.

scoopfuls, scoopsful, scorified, scorifies, scrofulas, scruffier, scufflers, scuffling, scurfiest, seacrafts, seafarers, seafaring, seafloors, seafronts, selfheals, selfhoods, selfishly, semifinal, serfhoods, sforzatos, shadflies, shaftings, shelffuls.

9 letter words containing F:

shellfish, shiftiest, shiftless, shinleafs, shooflies, shoplifts, shroffing, shufflers, shuffling, siffleurs, signified, signifies, skiffling, skinflint, slipforms, slugfests, snaffling, sniffiest, snifflers, sniffling, snowdrift, snowfalls, snowflake, snuffiest, snufflers, snufflier, snuffling, softbacks, softballs, softeners, softening, softheads, softwares, softwoods, songfests, soporific.

sorrowful, soulfully, spadefuls, specifics, specified, specifies, spiffiest, spitfires, spoonfuls, spoonsful, standoffs, steadfast, stickfuls, stiffened, stiffness, stuffiest, stuffings, stupefied, stupefies, subchiefs, subfamily, subfields, subfloors, subshafts, sufferers, suffering, sufficers, sufficing, suffixing, sufflated, sufflates, suffocate, suffrages, suffusing, sulfating, sulfinyls, sulfonals, sulfonyls, sulfurets, sulfuring.

sulfurous, sulfuryls, sunfishes, sunflower, superfast, supersoft, surfacers, surfacing, surfbirds, surfboats, surfeited, swiftness, swordfish, tablefuls, tablesful, tackified, tackifies, tactfully, taffarels, tafferels, taffrails, tariffing.

tartuffes, telefilms, telfering, tepefying, terrified, terrifies, testified, testifies, therefore, threefold, thriftier, thriftily, thurifers, tiffanies, tiffining, tipstaffs, torrefied, torrefies, torrified, torrifies, trainfuls, transfers, transfixt, transform, transfuse, triflings, trifocals, tubifexes.

tumefying, turbofans, typefaces, typifiers, typifying, uglifiers, uglifying, unbeliefs, unciforms, uncoffins, undefined, underfeed, underfoot, underfurs, unfailing, unfairest, unfastens, unfeeling, unfeigned, unfencing, unfetters, unfitness, unfitting, unfolders, unfolding, unfounded, unfreeing, unfreezes, unfrocked, unfurling.

uniformed, uniformer, uniformly, unmuffled, unmuffles, unrefined, unroofing, unruffled, unselfish, unshifted, upflowing, upfolding, uplifters, uplifting, upshifted, upwafting, usufructs, verbified, verbifies, verifiers, verifying.

versified, versifies, vilifiers, vilifying, viniferas, vitrified, vitrifies, vivifiers, vivifying, vouchsafe, warcrafts, warfarins, waterfall, waterfowl, waveforms, wayfarers, wayfaring, wharfages, wherefore, wheyfaces, whifflers, whiffling, whitefish, wifehoods, wifeliest, wildfires, wildfowls, willfully, windfalls, windflaws, wistfully, woefuller, wonderful, woodcraft, woodruffs.

woolfells, zestfully, zincified, zincifies, zinkified, zinkifies,

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